Globally utopian, locally empty

By: Thepfulhouvi Solo

Some social Activists make dreamy and phony statement that Nagas should be integrated because the World is becoming smaller and smaller into a global village, that Nagas should think globally and act locally and so and so forth: These are beautiful Utopian Language but empty and hollow without meaning in local content! Nagas are nowhere near global material or anywhere in global condition but some of us behave as if he/she is talking to the G-7 at World Conference on Climate Change and on Economy.

Let us behave down to earth, rustically realistic, simple and practical; not swept away by unrealistic ideals of other people or by the conditions of other places. We don’t know of Germany’s but we know what Nagaland condition is today: Nagaland is still hand to mouth in Agriculture, its Industry is Minus Zero, illegal Tax collection by people from outside the State with threats of the barrel of the Gun is the only exportable Naga Industry; this is the Cross of Nagaland today and the Stafe Government is helpless! These are real basic conditions of Nagaland; we know where our shoe pinches; only the wearer knows where his/her shoe pinches.

On the question of Integration: Nagaland is very sure there can be no Integration of Nagas in the Indian State of Nagaland alone. We can integrate only in Sovereign State of Nagalim and that we know is not a possibility today: Not even Thuingaleng Muivah is talking about it now.

Some Nagas talk about some SUPRA NAGA STATE or PAN NAGA STATE. But when not an inch of Assam or of Arunachal or of Manipur or the ENPO can detach into a separate State: forget talking about Supra State or Pan Naga State; they are just Utopia talk or it is just like a grand Council of Rats discussing how to Bell the Cat!

Ponderous Nagas often say: “the British bifurcated the Nagas of Nagaland, Arunachal, Assam, Manipur and Myanmar into different Territories with their Policy of Divide and Rule without the consent of the People”. Any person saying such a thing has not the littlest knowledge of ancient life of the Nagas in the distant Centuries. Even as late as the 19th Century, the World never ran on anything called ‘Consent of the People’: violent Superior Force controlled the World.

The ancient Kingdoms in the North East were big and small. The Ahom and the Metei Kingdoms were the foremost and maintained a semblance of forced Peace through intimidation of superior barbaric actions like cutting off the Nose, the Ear, finger or hand for causing the displeasure of the whimsical despotic Ruler and by forcible conquest of People and their Territories.

With their superior handy metal Shield, the Sword, then with Matchlocks, followed by Muzzle loading Gun, knowledge of manufacturing Gun Powder and Smelting of Iron etc the Manipuri and Ahom Kingdoms gained the most dominant Power in the North East. Long before the advent of the colonial British Power, the Meiteis and Ahoms began to dominate the neighboring Tribes around them and subjected them under their domination.
The Manipur King invaded Kohima Village three times and even buried a small boy alive to set their Boundary of their Kingdom. “These People”, wrote the early British Officer in his Diary, “seem to respect the Manipuris more than us. We must do things they respect us”. The Manipuris claimed all the Catchments Areas of present Nagaland that drained into the Doyang River as their Territory.

And had it not been for the Manipur Royalty’s unending fratricidal elimination of one another in the family, of the Raja colluding with younger sons against the elder brother or the sons together against their father or the King collaborating with one of his sons in eliminating the other son aspiring for the Throne, has greatly weakened the Kingdom; and the providential arrival of a higher civilized Order of colonial British Power in the fullness of time, saved the Angamis, the Chakhesangs and the Zeliang Tribes; they the later would also have been under the complete domination of Meitei Manipur today.
The British refused to accept the Manipur and the Ahom Rajah’s claims and set the Boundary of their Kingdoms on a rational scientific reasonable position as it is today. It is not the Divide and Rule Policy of the colonial Power that dissected the Nagas without their consent, into different Territories.
The Roads in Turkey today follow almost the same ancient Road alignment Evangelist Paul walked from Tarsus to Ikonya or to Galatia in the days following the death of Jesus. The British mostly set in formal scientific order what was already in existence before them in the ancient. It is grossly wrong to allege the Colonial British dissected the Nagas into different Territories without the consent of the Nagas. They only scientifically formalized an already existing ancient practise.

Nagaland does not require any euphemistic Supra State or Pan Naga Council. These can not be real political STATES. They can be only Economic Councils to overshadow Nagaland State. Nagaland State must have an Independent Economic System itself and not form part of any other Council. We never wanted to join the NEC –North East Council: we were taken into it during President Rule in India. We had, for the last more than half a century, our own economic planning ourselves; we pulled on and on tolerably well without joining any other Commonwealth.

The UK initially faced serious objections from France in joining the European Commonwealth. Charles de Gaulle of France, the Cross from Lorain vehemently objected Britain joining the European Union; however Britain ultimately joined the Commonwealth. After more than 30 years now, the EU has become a SUPER STATE today and overshadows the Sovereignty of its smaller Economies. UK now finds its Space uncomfortable in the European Union and would not like its Sovereignty overshadowed by a Super European Union. The greatest political Issue in UK today is to pull out of the Super European Union and Prime Minister Cameron was forced to promise a Referendum on this!

The question of Naga Integration is not kid play. Nagas today are territorially in different Kingdoms, some in Arunachal, some in Assam, some in Manipur and a lot are in Myanmar. As of now there is no way these Naga areas detaching themselves out of their States and integrate themselves into a Naga People of single political Territory. Not even the UN or the powerful Security Council can do such a thing today.
Integration of Nagas cannot come into reality just by wishing or by folding hands and rubbing the hands together so that they rub the Magic Golden Ring in Aladdin’s finger and then suddenly some Genies come out of thin Air to carry out the wishes of the Nagas like in the Aladdin’s Fairy Tales.
There can be no integration of Nagas in the Indian State of Nagaland alone!


One thought on “Globally utopian, locally empty

  1. What your knowledge are upto,u’d say like it alone fed the world.
    Human reasoning and assumption are good if it is base on truth and fact but its hard that our intellectuls reasoning just obey that.
    Anyhow,Naga can be integrated if we don’t really give up.

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