Open Question to Mr. SC Jamir based on his article: “Naga Sovereignty Myth And Reality ~ SC Jamir, former CM of Nagaland”.

By: Jims Marchang
Dear Mr SC. Jamir, NO NAGA is claiming that we the Nagas existed from time immemorial as a ‘NATION’ under one government and single administration with a defined political structure (before British rulers conquered us). What the Naga people are claiming is that each Naga clan/society/community/village is/are:

1. Unique, because each Naga village is/was rule(d) and run under the headship of the village Chief [King]. (Hope you have not forgotten this, because these norms and authority prevail and exist till date) Can you PLEASE tell us when such ruling/exercise of authority of each village by the Chief [King] started in Naga Villages? Remember We have no exact record. No one knows the exact time, but it is for sure that such practice has been passing down from generation to generation since time immemorial .It could have been 1000 years or even more. So, you better agree that it has been happening since time immemorial.

2. No Naga village or villages or clan or community or society were ever ruled by any alien power or ruler or authority, except until British extended their empire and subdued over the entire North Eastern Part of India.

Based on the similarity in culture, tradition and above all, the willingness of all the Naga Villages under the cumulative leadership of all the Naga Village leaders, we all are looking forward to bring all the Naga communities under one single administration. What is the problem, if all the once independent villages wants to come together and form a SINGLE Nation? Tell me how Nation India was formed. Let me tell you, if you have forgotten. India comprises of thousands of different communities. Hope the list is not required to justify my statement.

Let me repeat: What is the problem with you, if all the once independent Naga Villages wants to come together and form a Nation, if not a Nation, at the least live together under one single administration. Tell me how states of NE India were formed or carved out from the then Assam. Tell me who decided which Naga Community should join which state (Manipur/Nagaland/AP/Assam). It was all DONE by the GoI. Neither were the communities of Nagas living in Assam wants to remained in Assam, nor the Nagas living in Manipur wants to remained in Manipur. It was all set and done, because GoI wants to carry on the legacy of the concept of Divide and Rule policy and applied it to the revolting Naga society as the whole, since Independence. We all know the history!

If you don’t want the Nagas to be united then, you should make your point crystal clear. What is the point of saying Nagas never lived as a Nation in the past? If not in the past , let us at least try to live together now and hope for the future, if not now. Please don’t forget that All the Nations in the world were formed by people joining hands together by forgetting their differences. If our people listen and follow to the matter of your concern, then EACH NAGA village or community should be living under separate administration (one for each village/community). What I can understand from your argument is that Nagas should not come together under one administration, but each village or community should stay where they are and run their respective villages. Is that right?

I don’t know why you always speak and write to bring division among the Nagas. Or at the least make it clear from your side that you don’t want Nagas to be united. Actually, instead of acting selfishly, please do something to bring peace, harmony and unity among the divided Nagas. We Nagas don’t have one common language unlike other Nations. But don’t forget that a Nation like America was build by both the Masters and the slaves, the black and the whites. In fact, the differences among the Nagas is so little, we have more things in common than differences unlike the blacks and the whites of the US. If they can unite with such a bond of love and bring glory to the Nation, America, why not we the Nagas who have so much in common spiritually and physically.

We all know that, GoI will never grant us a free and an independent Naga Nation, but I believe that we can pursuit for a single governance and administration for all the Nagas with greater height of economic freedom and support from GoI for better Naga Society. Don’t you think it is enough of bloodshed and fighting? Let us NOW hope and be an instrument to bring peace in our society. The only REAL worry that I personally have is that, the intention of the Nagas is good but the means used to achieve it, is not RIGHT. Extortion, Killing, fighting, hating … Oh! My! That is not the way to achieve anything. If the Govt. be not biased towards the underprivileged section and the minorities of our society; living anywhere with anyone is not really a BIG issue. But the TRUE problem in India is that the minorities are always crushed ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE by our prejudice society. So, standing and safeguarding together among the like minded people within the same culture and tradition seems to be the ONLY solution.



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