Teachers are the role models to their students

       “Until and unless we have dedicated and committed teachers who take to teaching as a mission in their lives, we cannot have a good educational systemsDr. Radhakrishna

We cannot deny that teachers are no more the role models of the students. There are many reasons why the teachers become the role models of the students. Teachers were the role models of the students in the past, present and they will be the role models of the students in the future. Today if the teachers are not the role of the students – there would have been young boys and girls who have been dropped from the school or college. However we find more competition among the students in their studies and career. There were some cases reported in the newspaper about the teachers misbehaving, raping, injuries etc to the students but those are the exceptional cases only. In some rare case it becomes difficult for both the teacher and parents to control some of the students. But it does not mean that all the students are becoming bad in this modern age.

Teachers were the role of the students in the past, present and it would continue in the future too. There are some specific reasons why the teachers become the role models of the students –

Teachers love teaching and the students:

Generally only those who love teaching and children want to become a teacher. As they love the children and teaching job – they are content with the teaching job and help the students in imparting knowledge and building their career. Teaching job is a very exciting, challenging and a dynamic job, which requires updating their knowledge – soft skills and other technical skills. There may be some exceptional cases that a person may become a teacher due to availability of job opportunity or no other option. But those cases may be comparatively less as compare to the number of teachers who love teaching and the students. There is job satisfaction in teaching job and there are always chances that even a person who has not much interest in teaching can develop an interest in teaching job.

Job satisfaction in teaching:

Anybody who takes up a job without satisfaction and interest in their job becomes a compulsion and all those people can never become the role models to others in any field. In teaching job the teachers get full satisfaction with their job as they find interest in teaching. Job satisfaction is also related to our interests, payment, recognition, respect, time factor, pressure in job etc and all teachers receives all the aspects that require for a job satisfaction.

i)                    Respect and recognition: Everyone in this world wants respect and recognition and teachers get respect and recognition as they work sincerely for the students.

ii)                  Payments: In most of the countries in the world give a good package to the teachers, lecturers and professors. In India also, the teachers are now getting better package than before after the VI Pay Commission. Every teacher needs money to survive and without enough money to survive – the teachers cannot become the role model of the student. However as they get enough payment, they continue to devote their time and impart their knowledge to the students.

iii)                No Job Pressure in teaching: There is also not pressure in teaching job; it is quite difficult to become the role model to others when there are so many problems and pressure within them or from outside. The teachers continue to enjoy their teaching job as long as they are sincere and responsible to their duties. The workloads for the teachers are also quite less as compare to the people working in MNC. People do not have time to talk or smile when there is too much work pressure. But in the case of teaching job it is different; they have enough time for the student and for their family.

iv)                Students are the crown of the teachers: Teachers get recognition and get respect due to the successful of the students. Students become the crown of the teachers and everyone looks for their own crown and pride. Everybody who is looking for their crown and pride would definitely work sincerely. As the teachers work sincerely and teach the students with love and care – the teachers become the role model of the students. All the students recognize and respect all those teachers who are industrious and teaching the students with love and care.

A teacher with right approach and positive attitude will understand the students and develop a good rapport with the students. At every level, something more is expected of a teacher than merely going to the class and giving an adlib lectures. The reasons to become the role of the students are clear and enticing so we cannot say that today the teachers are not more good teachers in India or in the world. Today all the great leaders and rich men are the product from the good teachers and schools. There are many children in India and around the world and the future of the world would be looking so gloom without the good and devoted teachers.

The present educational system is reliable and we have brighter future in our educational system as there many academicians and educationists who are working hard to improve the present educational system. Today we also have many committed teachers who take to teaching as a mission in their lives and we have great hope for a brighter future in our society. Every teacher has the hope on their students and impart them the best knowledge. The good teachers not only teach the text book knowledge but they become the friends and guardian of the students. There are many students who are successful in their board exam and other competitive examination, which clearly shows that the teachers are still the role models to their students.

–          Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Asst. Professor, National Defence Academy


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