In response to Thepfulhouvi Solo’s articles


By: Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

It is true that Nagas from other states and nation do not have the same privilege as the Nagas in Nagaland State under 371 (A) even though that Article was part and parcel of the struggle of the whole Naga people. And it is so incorrect for you to accuse the whole Naga tribes outside Nagaland State of trying to share in the privileges enjoyed by the Nagas in Nagaland. You also do not need to feel sorry or worry for the tribes outside your Nagaland State as they have their own land and food to survive. Even if the present Nagaland state becomes a Sovereign state, Supra State, Pan-Naga Nation or whatever that the Naga people may decide – the present Nagaland state will continue to have its own share. No one is taking that away from you.

Why are you so happy and complacent with the present State of Nagaland, which was created in the name of the entire Naga people? If you think the Naga Plebiscite of 16th May 1951 was undertaken only by the Nagas from the present Nagaland state you are terribly misinformed and may need to go through the history of the Naga Plebiscite again. And if the ‘Plebiscite’ were really a matter confined to the present Nagaland State tribes only then it does not represent all Nagas and must be deemed invalid. However, the Indian Govt. is no fool and would not have agreed to the peace-talks without any condition at the Prime Ministerial level if they thought it was an issue concerning the State of Nagaland only.

Just to jog your memory let me remind you that the southern Nagas did take an active part in Naga National Movement (NNM) from the start till the present day. A few prominent leaders worthy of mention here are Late A. Daiho Mao, Late Suisa and Late Sani Dahrii (who was also a Shillong Accord signatory). The Naga Club was formed in 1918 and during the heights of Haipou Jadonang’s civil disobedient movement in 1929 in the Naga Hills, the Naga Club submitted a historical Memorandum to the Simon Commission in Kohima, in which it demanded that the Nagas be excluding from the proposed ‘Reformed Scheme’ of India. Jadonang started a religio-political movement in 1925 to overthrow the British rule in Naga areas. In 1927, he prophesied the end of the British rule, which provoked S.J. Duncan, the then SDO at Tamenglong, to issue a warrant of arrest against him.

By 1930, the movement had spread to all the Naga Hills but Jadonang was arrested by the British in 1931 and later hanged to death. After his death Gaidinliu, his cousin sister who was only 16 then, succeeded him as the spiritual and political leader. However, she was also arrested in 1932 and by 1934 the movement came to end. Phizo moved his base to Burma in 1935 and later returned to Nagaland in 1946. “By this time the issue of Naga Self-determination had well gripped the minds of the Nagas, and public opinion had already been moulded against the continued dominance of the British Indian over the Nagas” (M.Zinyii:1961:11). The NNM was directly or indirectly influenced, emboldened and shaped into the present form by Jadonang, Gaidinliu and the leaders of the Naga Club. A.Z. Phizo, he whom we lovingly call the Father of the Nation came into picture only after the foundation was laid by his predecessors, in the same manner like how the NSCN came into picture after the foundation was laid by the NNC.

The Naga leaders from the present Manipur state closely worked with Late A.Z. Phizo for an independent Naga land. The Naga National League (NNL) also determined and declared to all Nagas NOT to pay house tax to the then Deputy Commissioner of the Naga Hills, Assam and as a result the Assam Rifles killed three persons and injured many other people during a protest. Afterwards the NNL President, A. Daiho, was arrested and imprisoned at Dum Dum jail in Calcutta. One should never forget that the present State of Nagaland was a fruit of the struggle of the Naga people irrespective of geographical location and one should refrain from trying to suppress the movement whilst remaining oblivious to the plight of Nagas outside Nagaland State. The GOI has poured in several crores of rupees to suppress the NNM and today it appears that your stomach has been too fattened and that you have forgotten the past and present sacrifices and hard labour put in by the Nagas from all the Naga inhabited areas.

It may be constitutionally impossible to share in the privileges of the Nagas in Nagaland State, which they enjoy under Article 371 (A), but it is an insult to the Nagas outside Nagaland State when you make the analogy of the ‘rich man’ and ‘Canaanite woman’ in the Bible as everyone knows who you are referring to as the rich man and the Canaanite woman in the Bible. It is tasteless to say the least.

With reference to your article, “Globally utopian, locally empty” you seem unsurprisingly contented with your retired life devoid of any future hope or vision in life. But today the Naga youth have a dream to live life on a global scale – Nagas may be economically backward but their preferred life style is no less than the people from the developed countries of the world. You may be happy with your retired life with your pot of hard earned money as a former IFS officer but the Naga youths today have a vision and future hope, unlike you. And who are those people from outside the State who illegally collect Tax over the barrel of a gun? We have too many factions and we should not allow anyone from outside the Nagaland State or inside the State to collect tax illegally. But that will happen only if we together bring a solution to the Naga problem.

If Thuingaleng Muivah is not talking about a Sovereign state anymore – the NSCN-K, NNC and other Nagas still are and aspiring to have our Nagas’ Rights to Self-determination. Why have you become so complacent with the present Nagaland State? As a retired IFS officer, you surely have the intelligence to know that a Supra State or Pan-Naga State is definitely possible even under the Constitution of India. It is shocking that you dismiss the same as impossible. If Sovereignty, Supra State, Pan-Naga, etc. are impossible, we have indeed been fooled by the so-called Naga national workers. Why are the common people silent? Why are over ground Naga leaders still morally supporting the Naga national workers? Why are you (we) paying tax to the Naga underground cadres? Naga political issue is not just a Nagaland state issue but it is one of the most serious problems in India and unless the Naga political problem is solved, there will be no peace in NE India or in India. I still believe and have faith in the Naga historical facts and in inalienable right to self-determination.

“The Manipuris claimed all the Catchments Areas of present Nagaland that drained into the Doyang River as their Territory . . . the Roads in Turkey today follow almost the same ancient Road alignment Evangelist Paul walked from Tarsus to Ikonya or to Galatia in the days following the death of Jesus” If there is no such concept as “Consent of the People” and rights of the people and we simply follow the old roads or demarcations of the ancient Kingdom, all the catchments areas of present Nagaland that drained in to Doyang River should be given to Manipur state as claimed by Manipuris and the present Nagaland would have been under Manipuris or Ahom kingdom (Assam today). So are you saying that the present state of Nagaland should be under Assam?

“Some Nagas talk about some SUPRA NAGA STATE or PAN-NAGA STATE. But when not an inch of Assam or of Arunachal or of Manipur or the ENPO can detach into a separate State: forget talking about Supra State or Pan Naga State; they are just Utopia talk” Are you saying that there is no single Naga living in the present States of Assam, Arunachal, Manipur and Myanmar? If the British or Indians had not divided the Nagas using the present artificial boundary and instead decided to follow the old roads how did the present state of Nagaland or the other States or countries come into being?

During this critical period of the NNM with talks happening at the highest levels there will be ups and downs, allegations & accusations, tinged with a mixture of hope and doubt. Naga scholars, intellectuals, right thinking people, etc. can contribute their constructive thoughts and suggestions to improve the present situation and to bring a lasting solution to the Naga political problem. However, planting doubts or creating rivalries and divisions within ourselves will only worsen the prevailing situation. Let us hope for more of the former from such an accomplished intellectual like you.

Clarification to TPO’S accusation

Thepfulhouvi Solo.:    2 Jul. 2013

I was willingly pulled into the “Nagaland Tribes Council” (NTC) move by some young matured Angamis who I highly appreciated for their sacrificial contributions in the effort for a common cause and I felt I should also put in my ‘widow’s might’ into the cause. I expected some rough sea in the journey for the cause if the “Tenyimie” is recognized as a ‘TRIBE’ in the state of Nagaland because “Tenyimie People” is composed of tribes from outside the state also and Nagaland Tribe Council is solely for those of the state of Nagaland only.

Therefore I wrote, (I quote): “To the best of my knowledge, officially Tenyimie (Tenyimi) is not declared a single Tribe, yet once notified, its contents will act like theTrojan Horse and Zeliangrong or ANY non-Nagaland Tribe combined with one or more from Nagaland, can easily be passed off as ‘Nagaland Tribe’ to the ultimate undoing of the Nagaland Tribes of Nagaland. Once the Fence Wall is breached, the Vineyard is not safe from the Wild Boar, -very unchristian language but 5 wise Virgins of New Testament could not share their limited Oil with their other 5 virgin friends in the middle of the night”.

I therefore suggested the disbanding of the TPO and I am not the only one to having such a feeling; some important fellowmen in our Community feels the same. I know powerful people are behind the Organization: I have nothing against them personally. I only felt they would unintentionally and inadvertently find themselves against their own community ultimately just like the TPO President who is against the inclusion of Nagas of outside Nagaland in the Nagaland Tribes Council but in his own Organization he has them included and he calls my view: “perverted version of distortion and destructive Intension” !
I know Keku; I taught him Mathematics in High School, Class 7 in 1960, – large but very good natured, quiet, obedient, of good demeanor, attentive and a nice boy; today, just like the  unfortunate young minister of Nagaland, perhaps he has mouthed, under the compulsion of a difficult world, what he would swallow only with difficulty!

Passing the buck

Khekiye K. SemA IAS (Rtd), Forest Colony, Kohima

It is hard to believe that the Hon’ble Chief Minister is actually serious about requesting the GOI for “a policy of sustenance for the undergrounds”. Since he has repeated himself over and over again on this issue one has no further choice but to believe and conclude that he is dead serious about this proposition. Surely there are people in his cabinet capable of guiding him to think straight or does it consist of a crowd devoid of gray matter that only knows how to parrot ‘YES SIR’ to anything and everything that is proposed by the Hon’ble CM? While it no doubt affords him the comfort of completing his term without an opposition to his leadership, the danger of such complacent comfort could lead to arrogant decisions that may result in detrimental consequence at the cost of the Nagas.

The case of Rongmai Tribe as a recognized tribe within Nagaland and the pending subject of recognition of Mao and the Tangkhul Tribes in a similar manner is a case in reference. The true level of understanding or appreciation of the sentiment of the Nagas of Nagaland is no longer a factor. The well and truly expressed feelings of the Nagas of Nagaland against such a move be damned.

Deflecting his intended decision to a bureaucratic committee’s recommendation, who have limited choice but to toe his inclination, may serve his personal expansionist agenda and purpose but the consequent burden of such an arbitrary decision will finally rest on the shoulders of the people of Nagaland. Nagas should not be fated to this. The powers that be should realizeS that a boomerang impact will eventually be felt somewhere down the line. Wiser mind should therefore tread more cautiously in such matters.

It ought to occur to the Chief Minister that the moment the Factions accept such a sustenance package from the GOI, they might just as well pack up the ‘Sovereignty’ baggage and go home. As is the way of the politicians, they may twist and turn and explain that this ‘sustenance package’ is not a ‘surrender package’ which to me looks like one. This rehabilitation proposition simply boils down to asking your enemy to cease the fight for a while, beg them for food because you are hungry, and then continue the fight after eating the food you get from them.

I leave it to the people to judge the rationality of this proposition because this is exactly what the CM of Nagaland seems to be suggesting. Naga issue will become a non issue. On hindsight is this in fact a short cut game plan to resolve the Naga political problem for good? Taking the path of least resistance is the cowardly way of dodging the problem, but the problem remains unresolved nevertheless. We do not have to travel afar to some foreign land to learn a lesson when we can learn from the experiences we have had in our own backyard.

The status of the Shillong Accordist in the Mission Compound, Kohima and the Transit Campers at Chedema ought to provide us with ample examples of what will transpire even if such sustenance package were to be received from the GOI for the factions. Among other benefits, did the Shillong Accordist not receive Rs.20,000/- each for all their peace camps across the State as a sustenance support from the GOI to run their surrendered establishments back then? Did it stop them from taxing the people thereafter? Remember the Chakabama bridge incident? Similarly, if the GOI were to actually respond to the Chief Minister’s request positively, and the underground factions accept such a package, what makes the CM so sure that the Factions will immediately stop their taxation spree? Greed has no breaks. If the Factions continue raising taxes, which rest assured they will, even after accepting the package, can he stop them?

We will back to square one. So is this a solution or a practicable proposition at all? Yes, I would concede that making the Factions hoist their white flags would ease his nightmare. There is no doubt about that. However, this takes a semblance of a very potent poisoned carrot being dangled before the Factions. Will they take the bite?

What surprises me is the complete silence, the complete lack of reactions from all the Factions concerning this matter. Are the Factions actually hoping that the GOI will follow up action on the request made by the Hon’ble CM so that the 9 Factions of Nagaland can share the loot without assessing the consequence? Knowing the level of greed that permeates within the lot of them, sharing this loot, even if given, will not be an easy task. It may very well spark off another round of fratricidal elimination game on the question of equity disbursement or the lack of it. Instead of addressing a more sinister proposition that will shake the very foundation of the whole National Movement, the factions or at least a faction has been wasting its time threatening and making vain attempts to silence the voice of the people. The Factions seem to have lost their bearings somewhere along the line.

It is my convicted belief that public opinion is a serious weapon that needs to be fully awakened and let loose in Nagaland. This is our last and only bastion. This is a task well within the ambit of the Government of Nagaland to do so. Despite the animated stance of the Government, a ripple has just about begun to emerge where a channelized public opinion has induced a modicum of positive results.

Is this not visible enough already? Is it not enough for us to encourage and strengthen it? Instead of politicking with everything, the politicians should leave the Tribal Hohos alone to restore Naga Hoho to its legitimate place of honour and allow them to independently generate that kind of public opinion that could take us forward. This is an imperative need of the hour. The Government of Nagaland must take a very hard look at the ground reality. Granted, it is impotent against the Factions and their taxation. No one can blame them. This is not a simple matter for anyone, high or low, having to face a death threat tagged to a demand, but thoughts should be spared to reduce its overall impact …generate the force of public opinion.

What is however well within the power of the Government is to control the rampage of the overground organizations that are rampantly replicating the taxation regime of the Factions. There is a whole lot of truth when the Factions point their fingers at the Government and say that they alone are not the reason for price escalation. Not that the Government is not aware, but start with the eye sore sector of all the Police check gates raising transit tax from all the commercial vehicles flagrantly and openly without a care. Clamp down on all the fraudulent Unions, Associations and unnecessary syndicates operating in the commercial centers for every conceivable goods and services, not only in Dimapur but in all the Districts. The District Administration is not blind to it but just won’t raise a finger unless ordered to act. So order it with an accountability tag for a change and mean it. I think it is about time we stop passing the buck.

A question to MIP GPRN/NSCN (I-M)

by: Kaka D. Iralu

1 Jul. 2013

To be guilty of “high treason against the nation” by indulging in “anti-national crimes against the nation” is to be guilty for capital punishment. Such criminal acts against one’s own nation are crimes that deserve death before a firing squad. In your article “To set the matter Straight: NSCN (IM),” dated June 26, 2013, you have accused me of being guilty of such crimes against our Naga nation. You have also added that such crimes “will no longer be tolerated” and that you “will not remain a silent spectator” anymore. Therefore in the light of such serious charges against me, allow me to state the following:

1. I am not trying to justify or defend the Shillong Accord of 1975. As any reader of my article “Some hard facts about the Shillong Accord and its aftermath” (May 4, 2013) would have noted, I have simply recounted the factual historical events that led to the signing of the Accord. I also did add some of my own personal views but did not in any way tried to impose those views on anybody. So you can accept or reject my own personal views. But to impose your own views on those of mine and threaten me with dire consequences is a most undignified and ignoble act on your part as a Government.

2. You may agree or disagree with me that the Nagaland Peace Council members did a heroic job of searching out the last remnants of the NNC and FGN members at the risk of their own lives. These people were not some traitorous young Nagas under the Indian Government’s pay roll but elderly Reverends who risked their lives to save our leaders as well as the curfew bound starving villagers of the then Nagaland. To call these revered Church elders as “misguided’ and brokers of traitorous acts is to insult the Nagaland Baptist Council of Churches and brand it as the enemy of the Naga people.

3. In my writings of over 1000 pages defending our national cause over a span of 16 years, I had never argued that some of our “NNC leaders escaped to Eastern Nagaland for fear of Indian military operations”. In fact in my book The Naga Saga, in the story “A trip to China that ended in an Indian prison” pp. 309-328, I had specifically mentioned that Th. Muivah and Isak Swu were sent to China in November 1974 along with 140 Naga soldiers to procure more arms to carry on the fight- p.312. In that story I had recounted their heroic attempt where out of 140; only 13 of them were able to slip into China. Seventy of those soldiers were finally captured while the rest perished in the attempt. Dear fellow Nagas of the NSCN/IM, I was born on March 3, 1956 amidst the sound of gunfire, bomb blast and burning of villages. I was a political prisoner at the age of 7 months along with my father, mother and grandfather. And for all my life, I and my family members have lived under the shadow of Indian threat to our lives. Now in the “afternoon” of my life on earth, I am not going to live under the shadow of another threat from my own fellow Nagas. If I am indeed guilty of treason to the nation, then let God and the Naga people be our judge.

Request to withdraw MIP/GPRN threat to Thepfulhouvi Solo and two others

Thepfulhouvi Solo

On Wednesday, 26 June 2013, you put up a Statement in the local News Papers of Nagaland under the Caption: “TO SET THE MATTER STRAIGHT” in which you threatened three of us -we happen to be from the same community- with: “high treason against the Naga Nation” and “crime against the Naga People’s”.

It is shocking to see such a naked threat in the News Papers openly against non-armed, non-violent peaceful Citizens by a fearful, often violently armed Organization like yours.

I have sometimes been a critique of the Chief Minister of Nagaland, the Government of Nagaland, the Ministers and the Bureaucrats; sometimes I criticized my own Baptist Church Organizations like the NBCC and the FNR in particular.

However, I have never been threatened by the Chief Minister or by his Government nor by the Church with ‘Ex-communication’; neither my Pastor nor any of the Reverends of the Church have expressed any ill will against me. I have always received warm hand shake and warm smiling greeting faces from all of them though some Christian friends understandably and jokingly told me I have been an NBCC and FNR-Basher.

True, I have often criticized you but had also others too; and if I may, I would openly but truthfully express my feeling that to me, of the necessary evils that all worldly National Organizations are, of the Naga National Council (NNC) or NSCN (IM), yours is more than others. Please excuse me if I have been too naked open.

In modern civilized Society, everyone has the Freedom of Opinion just like you have yours and others have theirs: No one can claim Monopoly to Freedom or to Patriotism, not even you.

I would not want to enter into needless debates with you on the question of “True or untrue Naga”; it may lead us to undesirable racial issues detrimental to political Groups like yours or to individuals like me. The history of what may be called ‘the Universal Naga’ migration to the present land where they inhabit indicates several routes and directions but I have always held: “any aboriginal Mongolian in the North East who considers himself/herself a Naga is a Naga”; beyond this, the road is slippery, unsafe and may even become divisive, if not abusive.

I would request you to please withdraw the Threats you issued against three of us to enable us Peace of Mind and not appeal to Nagaland or to the Home Ministry, Government of India; for our Protection and Security.

Freedom Of Expression

In response to NSCN-IM’s PR

I read “To set the matter straight” by NSCN (IM) (26th June 2013; Nagaland Post; Morung Express) with a great deal of depredation. At the height of warfare, when the whole population of Nagaland were desperately dodging the zipping bullets there was no time to express an opinion. The citizens of this great land however expressed their opinion in action by staunchly and prayerfully standing behind the National Workers and made supreme sacrifices in the face of great hardships both from the hands of Indian Army and the National Workers. Why would the people of Nagaland do that? They believed that the Naga cause was just. They believed that the Nagas had a God sanctioned right for self-determination. The Nagas were not backing the National Workers for the establishment of a restrictive Freedom; or are we struggling for sovereignty so as to lose our individual freedom? What is the rationality in this? It is about time that the National Workers begin to understand that the times have changed and we should try and change with it. Reason and not threat must now be the civilized norm of interaction. Threat is counter-productive and demeans the Organization.

It is obvious that the attitude of the past difficult times have still not been overcome where threats was the norm of sorting out an argument. I have had my share of differences with the views expressed by Kaka Iralu and Thepfulhouvi Solo and therefore those differences from my point of view have been ventilated in the public domain. I have not read what Kekhrie Yhome has written but the principle applies. It is for the readers to disseminate the information being shared and make their call. The truth however gets diluted and instead causes doubt if it is laced with a threat. Why let our baser instinct cloud our judgment?

The Moral Rearmament used to present a song that said “when you point a figure at your neighbour there are three more pointing back at you”. How true. I would gladly concede that circumstances do dictate our actions. Be that as it may, a line of decency has to be drawn somewhere. It would be much too presumptuous to think that NSCN (IM) is the sole custodian of the Naga opinion and expect everyone to conform to their ways of thinking. There are gray areas that generally concern our future for which the people want answers which are not forthcoming even from them. In a sense this is anti people. It would be proper for them to remember this and moderate their aggressive stance. It certainly is not right to dub every expression that is made as anti-national and a crime against the Naga people. While appreciating the efforts being put in by them, the Organization is not sacrosanct and blameless where their own action is concerned in some sectors that could be read as anti-Naga.

We need to accept the fact that the world is a diverse place where diverse points of views are bound to get expressed. Why insult your position with threats just because you hold the Gun? Replace that gun with brains. We may not necessarily agree with all that is said but in a civilized society the brain is given sway over the brawn. Information that are considered questionable should be rectified by clarifications with facts and leave it to the perception of the readers to ascertain the truth. We firmly believe that truth will prevail in the end. That is the positive and constructive way of thinking to bridge the gap.

Khekiye K. Sema IAS (Rtd)

To Set The Matter Straight: NSCN (IM)


There are some people including a section of Nagas who are addicted in using the media to justify their anti-Naga people stand. They are giving their best to create an opinion through unwarranted propaganda in order to distort the factual events of history and justify the distorted history that has already been condemned by Naga people. To create confusion and mislead the public, Kaka D. Iralu in particular has been the most vocal in his desperate attempt to justify the notorious Shillong Accord of 1975. He apparently behaves to be the mouth piece of the Accord that nearly destroy the history and the rightful struggle of the Naga people. Besides Kaka Iralu, Mr. Thepfulhouvi Solo famous for his divisive write ups and Kekhrie Yhome for his lack of political insight are the other two persons that have drawn our attention, as their articles are misleading and malicious in contents. They are people who have terribly fallen from the national stand.

Shillong Accord is a prostrate capitulation and the futile effort of Kaka D. Iralu to justify it amounts to taking a reactionary position. The Shillong Accord betrayed and challenged the decisive historical decisions taken by Naga people against any form of alien domination since the entry of the British colonialist inside Nagalim. Naga club came into being in 1918 and subsequently the Naga people took the historical stand including the 14th August, 1947 Independence declaration, the 1951 plebiscite, refusal to accede to the Indian Union and boycott of the Government of India (GOI) sponsored general elections. Let it be known to all that these historical decisions were almost demolished by a few misguided section of the NNC national workers who had received the official endorsement from the Zashei Hurei Ministry of the FGN and who went on to sign the infamous 1975 Shillong Accord. Some members of the NNC in the Alee Command including Isak Chishi Swu, Chaplee Kilonser NNC and Th. Muivah, General Secretary NNC saved the historical stand of the Nagas by condemning the Accord out rightly and later formed the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) in 1980.

The Naga people are resolute and a true freedom fighter recognizes the price they have to pay as revolutionaries fighting for the freedom of Naga people. But history indicates that a section of NNC/FGN members was misguided by Nagaland Peace Council who brokered the Shillong Accord. The Shillong Accord propagandist like Kaka D. Iralu justified the signing of Shillong Accord on account of situation forced by the “horror of Indian military operation”. He tried to justify the surrender of one hundred and forty five arms by the NNC members in the hands of the government of India and Nagaland Peace Council (NPC). Another point blatantly argued by him was that some NNC leaders escaped to eastern Nagalim for fear of Indian military operation. Is he spreading some cheap concocted stories to save the signatories of Shillong Accord and the NNC/FGN leaders? History shows that Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah were then leading the Alee Command mission in China and they were kept in the dark on the signing of Shillong Accord.

The Nagas had resorted to armed struggle in self-defense in order to safe their historical and political rights. It has become a symbol of their resistance against any occupational force. Revolutionary struggle ends once arms are surrendered in the hands of the enemy. Thus, NNC dethroned itself from the stage of history to make an ignominious exit by surrendering arms and betraying the Naga people and their political struggle. AZ. Phizo befitting his stature as NNC President failed to out rightly condemn the Accord notwithstanding the repeated requests of the NNC members through official letters.

Mr. Thepfulhouvi Solo known for his eccentric style of writing went overboard in most of his writings, divisively designed with anti-NSCN venom. His writings leave nothing to doubt of his petty grudge against the Nagas living in other states. He is not a Naga by blood in the true sense of the term. But he exercises no inhibition when it comes to downgrading the Nagas residing in other states because of historical circumstances as “outsiders”. But the fact remains that there is no “aboriginal Nagas” or “outsiders” as coined by Thepfulhouvi Solo. There is just one Naga nation inhabiting a contiguous and compact area that is now divided by artificial state boundaries and left in the four different states of Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh within India and in Myanmar (erstwhile Burma) without the free and informed consent of the Naga people. He should be warned of trying to distort the course of Naga history like Kaka D. Iralu and his blind loyalty to NNC that finally failed to uphold the historical rights of the Naga people.

The manner of Mr. Kekhrie Yhome going hyper critical of Naga Hoho with anti-NSCN venom is also seen in the media. But a person lacking political maturity with a prejudiced mindset will never stand the test of logical reasoning to educate the Nagas in correct perspective. He needs to sharpen his intuition on the ongoing Indo-Naga Political talks particularly on the question of “sovereignty” rather than creates confusion among the Nagas for the sake of academic write ups. The unique history and situation of the Nagas that was recognized through the conscious decision of the Government of India on July 11, 2002 at Amsterdam reflects the position of the NSCN in defense of the Naga people’s history and sovereignty. The more than 15 years of political negotiation with the GoI should remind him of the seriousness and the earnestness with which the NSCN is dealing with the more than 60 years of Naga struggle. It is quite a revelation that Mr. Kekhrie Yhome is transforming himself into an objective and state-centric intellectual.

Kaka’s and Mr. Thepfulhouvi Solo justification of NNC and the Shillong Accord stands condemned. It amounts to high treason against the Naga Nation. Mr. Kekhrie Yhome should understand that the Indo-Naga issue is pure and simple political and the current political negotiation is based on the non-negotiable historical facts of the Naga people. The survival of a nation hinges on a sound economic system and issues related to that are our serious concern. However, first and foremost the foundation must be clear and for that reason the political negotiation with the GoI began at the highest level, without pre-condition and outside India in a third country. Later as mentioned the GoI recognized the “Unique history and situation of the Nagas” underpinning the commitment of the NSCN for the history and political aspiration of the Naga people. Therefore, it is not necessary to argue about what is clear.

Any willful attempt to distort the history of the Nagas will no longer be tolerated. The NSCN will not remain a silent spectator to all these unfounded and pseudo intellectual blitzkrieg against the Naga people. We will guard against such practice and continue to follow the course that is best for the Naga people respecting and upholding the history of the Naga people.

Placed under the situation where the Nagas have to tread carefully, resorting to empty rhetoric to create confusion and pollutes the minds and thinking of the Nagas are simply to be treated as criminal indulgence. As a matter of doing the right thing for the Nagas at the right time, dissemination of wrong information at this critical juncture is anti-national and a crime against the Naga people’s, their struggle and history.