Centre asks Nagaland govt to stop NSCN-IM levying tax


New Delhi, June 25, 2013 (PTI): The Centre has asked the Nagaland government to stop NSCN-IM from levying “tax” on common people, saying that such action by the Naga insurgent group is leading to price rise of commodities and this cannot be allowed to continue. In a hard-hitting letter to Nagaland Chief Secretary Alem Temshi Jamir, the Home Ministry said there has been a serious situation following NSCN-IM’s declaration that every Naga as well as others residing in ‘Nagalim’ shall pay tax.

The NSCN-IM has justified the system of taxation and asserted that it was the only outfit mandated by the Nagas for holding political talks with the Government of India for resolving the Naga political issue.

Home Ministry Director (NE) J P N Singh, in his letter, said NSCN-IM has been arrogating itself the responsibility of finding a political solution on behalf of Nagas in general of which it clearly is not the sole representative. The outfit is not only not observing the ceasefire ground rules, but also violating all the existing laws rules and regulations, he said.

“You may kindly agree that this is a situation in which the mere argument of having ceasefire with the government of India is no excuse to go on a rampage and destroy the public confidence in the state. “It is high time that the state takes its responsibility seriously and starts looking after the interest of its subjects. Unbearable pressure of rising prices cannot be allowed to continue adding to the miseries of the people. You are requested to initiate measures to stop what is going on and also ensure security of the office bearers of ACAUT (Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation),” Singh said.


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