Clarification to TPO’S accusation

Thepfulhouvi Solo.:    2 Jul. 2013

I was willingly pulled into the “Nagaland Tribes Council” (NTC) move by some young matured Angamis who I highly appreciated for their sacrificial contributions in the effort for a common cause and I felt I should also put in my ‘widow’s might’ into the cause. I expected some rough sea in the journey for the cause if the “Tenyimie” is recognized as a ‘TRIBE’ in the state of Nagaland because “Tenyimie People” is composed of tribes from outside the state also and Nagaland Tribe Council is solely for those of the state of Nagaland only.

Therefore I wrote, (I quote): “To the best of my knowledge, officially Tenyimie (Tenyimi) is not declared a single Tribe, yet once notified, its contents will act like theTrojan Horse and Zeliangrong or ANY non-Nagaland Tribe combined with one or more from Nagaland, can easily be passed off as ‘Nagaland Tribe’ to the ultimate undoing of the Nagaland Tribes of Nagaland. Once the Fence Wall is breached, the Vineyard is not safe from the Wild Boar, -very unchristian language but 5 wise Virgins of New Testament could not share their limited Oil with their other 5 virgin friends in the middle of the night”.

I therefore suggested the disbanding of the TPO and I am not the only one to having such a feeling; some important fellowmen in our Community feels the same. I know powerful people are behind the Organization: I have nothing against them personally. I only felt they would unintentionally and inadvertently find themselves against their own community ultimately just like the TPO President who is against the inclusion of Nagas of outside Nagaland in the Nagaland Tribes Council but in his own Organization he has them included and he calls my view: “perverted version of distortion and destructive Intension” !
I know Keku; I taught him Mathematics in High School, Class 7 in 1960, – large but very good natured, quiet, obedient, of good demeanor, attentive and a nice boy; today, just like the  unfortunate young minister of Nagaland, perhaps he has mouthed, under the compulsion of a difficult world, what he would swallow only with difficulty!

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