NSCN (IM) responds to JPN Singh

Issued by: MIP/GPRN.: 27 Jun. 2013

The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) has taken a very critical stand of the press reportage that appeared in the media including Nagaland Post and Morung Express (26/6/2013) captioned “Centre asks Nagaland Govt. To stop NSCN (I-M) levying tax” wherein the Director (NE) JPN Singh of the Government of India (GoI) Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has blatantly accused the NSCN of the increase in price on commodities and violation of the Cease-fire ground rules. The Director also had created an unwarranted “Threat perception” scenario and went on board to question if NSCN was the Naga political organization mandated to represent the Nagas. To quote verbatim the press report:

“Home ministry Director (NE) JPN Singh, in his letter, said NSCN (I-M) has been arrogating itself the responsibility of finding political solution on behalf of the Nagas in general of which it clearly is not the sole representative. The outfit is not only not observing the cease fire ground rules, but also violating all the existing laws, rules and regulations, Home Ministry Director (NE) said. ”
Does director (NE) JPN Singh know?

– On what basis the current political talks started between the GoI and the NSCN?
– Who officially initiated the steps towards this political dialogue?
– What is the commitment of the GoI?

Does he know that after more than 50 years of fighting the leaders of India including her Generals like General Shanker Roy Chaudhury, the former Chief of the Indian Army admitted that, military way solution to the Naga issue is not possible?

Does he know that Narashimha Rao the then Prime Minister of India told the NSCN Collective Leadership in Paris, that, “I believe in political solution. We must solve the problem through political talks”.

Does he know the statement of Narashimha Rao when he said the GoI will talk only with the NSCN as the people are with the organization, the issue is with them, and they have proved themselves. Narashimha Rao also had stated that all the other factions are in the hands of the GoI and the GoI will talk only with the NSCN as some sort of a solution is expected with the NSCN only.
Does he know that the more than 15 years of Indo-Naga talks between the GoI and the NSCN started with the mutually agreed conditions at the highest level, without pre-condition and outside India in a third country?

Does he know that the GoI and the NSCN had also reciprocally agreed that any official statements from the GoI related to the peace talks shall only be from the Prime Minister, Union Home Minister and the GoI interlocutor of the peace talks?

Does he know that the GoI recognized the “Unique history and situation of the Nagas” on July, 11 2002 that paved the way for a more realistic political dialogue between the GoI and the NSCN.
Is Mr. JPN Singh (Director – NE) above all these commitments given to the NSCN and the Naga people by the GOI?

What and who, Mr. JPN Singh, director – NE, MHA is trying to patronize by blaming and accusing the NSCN of levying tax that had supposedly led to the rise in price of commodities.
Does he know that the factions he is nursing and supporting are responsible for all the illegal tax imposed on the general public? Is he also trying to camouflage the corrupt state institutions that are responsible for over taxing the general public in the name of India’s financial systems or procedures and creating a smokescreen calling it “NSCN tax”?

Is Mr. JPN Singh (Director – NE) scheming clandestinely to cover up the factions he is dearly parenting practices of rampant illegal taxation and organized syndicates in the form of Unions etc. which had already awakened the general public lest it be exposed.

Does he think we are innocent fools blind to the state’s larger conspiracy to undermine the Naga people, the NSCN and the indo-Naga political dialogue?

Does he know anything about the Naga people, their history and situation? Does he in truth care about the sufferings of the Naga people for more than 50 years through the GoI military repression and oppression? Does he know that it was the calculated policy of the GoI and its system that has greatly devastated the social and economic fabric of the Nagas?

Is Director Mr. JPN Singh claiming to be the champion of the Naga people with his patronizing and condescending diktat? Is the GoI attempting to be some kind of a “Good Samaritan” by utilizing the service of an advisor like Mr. JPN Singh who shouts without rational senses?

The Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) while being concerned about the tax issues must seriously consider the deep rooted conspiracy orchestrated by the state and its apparatus. The NSCN is equally concerned with the issue which has been made sufficiently clear by the organization and we will leave no stone unturned to curb all forms of illegal taxation by the state and its appendix.

Is this the good sign or the sincerity of the GoI and its MHA for a negotiated political solution?
Is Mr. JPN Singh also echoing the notorious statements of Mr. Sambhu Singh, Jt.Secretary (NE) MHA when he said : “If we don’t take all the three factions into account, no kind of agreement is going to succeed” [ May 20, 2012 Huien news service/ Newmai news Network captioned “Don’t toy with Naga issue, IM warns Delhi”]

The GoI can choose to side and talk with the traitors following the advice of their bureaucrats like Director Mr. JPN Singh and Mr. Sambhu Singh, Jt. Secretary (NE) MHA.
Does Mr. JPN Singh know that serious efforts have been given by both the parties and they are making much progress in the current political talks?

Does he know that during the more than 15 years of political negotiation both sides have taken mutual steps towards solution? Is it then, the time now for the GoI to allow Mr. JPN Singh to sabotage the talks by his immature statements and justification of the traitors.
Does the GoI intent to destroy all the efforts and steps already taken by allowing Mr. JPN Singh to issue immature directives or should we blame his lack of wisdom and insight?
The NSCN is committed to a lasting solution but what is the clear intention of the GoI?
In view of the all these facts the NSCN questions the GoI as to who is this Director of the MHA, Mr. JPN Singh and who has authorized a mere Director in the MHA(NE) to give unwarranted statements on the Indo-Naga political peace talks that is being conducted at the highest, Prime Minister level.
Therefore, does Mr. JPN Singh, Director – NE, MHA have the official sanction of the GOI for issuing unwarranted and misinformed diktats and if so then why the NSCN should not question the integrity of the GOI? And in the event of any unwanted situation that may emerge from the statement and dictate of this Director Mr. JPN Singh, Director, MHA the GoI will be held responsible.


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