Request to withdraw MIP/GPRN threat to Thepfulhouvi Solo and two others

Thepfulhouvi Solo

On Wednesday, 26 June 2013, you put up a Statement in the local News Papers of Nagaland under the Caption: “TO SET THE MATTER STRAIGHT” in which you threatened three of us -we happen to be from the same community- with: “high treason against the Naga Nation” and “crime against the Naga People’s”.

It is shocking to see such a naked threat in the News Papers openly against non-armed, non-violent peaceful Citizens by a fearful, often violently armed Organization like yours.

I have sometimes been a critique of the Chief Minister of Nagaland, the Government of Nagaland, the Ministers and the Bureaucrats; sometimes I criticized my own Baptist Church Organizations like the NBCC and the FNR in particular.

However, I have never been threatened by the Chief Minister or by his Government nor by the Church with ‘Ex-communication’; neither my Pastor nor any of the Reverends of the Church have expressed any ill will against me. I have always received warm hand shake and warm smiling greeting faces from all of them though some Christian friends understandably and jokingly told me I have been an NBCC and FNR-Basher.

True, I have often criticized you but had also others too; and if I may, I would openly but truthfully express my feeling that to me, of the necessary evils that all worldly National Organizations are, of the Naga National Council (NNC) or NSCN (IM), yours is more than others. Please excuse me if I have been too naked open.

In modern civilized Society, everyone has the Freedom of Opinion just like you have yours and others have theirs: No one can claim Monopoly to Freedom or to Patriotism, not even you.

I would not want to enter into needless debates with you on the question of “True or untrue Naga”; it may lead us to undesirable racial issues detrimental to political Groups like yours or to individuals like me. The history of what may be called ‘the Universal Naga’ migration to the present land where they inhabit indicates several routes and directions but I have always held: “any aboriginal Mongolian in the North East who considers himself/herself a Naga is a Naga”; beyond this, the road is slippery, unsafe and may even become divisive, if not abusive.

I would request you to please withdraw the Threats you issued against three of us to enable us Peace of Mind and not appeal to Nagaland or to the Home Ministry, Government of India; for our Protection and Security.


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