To Set The Matter Straight: NSCN (IM)


There are some people including a section of Nagas who are addicted in using the media to justify their anti-Naga people stand. They are giving their best to create an opinion through unwarranted propaganda in order to distort the factual events of history and justify the distorted history that has already been condemned by Naga people. To create confusion and mislead the public, Kaka D. Iralu in particular has been the most vocal in his desperate attempt to justify the notorious Shillong Accord of 1975. He apparently behaves to be the mouth piece of the Accord that nearly destroy the history and the rightful struggle of the Naga people. Besides Kaka Iralu, Mr. Thepfulhouvi Solo famous for his divisive write ups and Kekhrie Yhome for his lack of political insight are the other two persons that have drawn our attention, as their articles are misleading and malicious in contents. They are people who have terribly fallen from the national stand.

Shillong Accord is a prostrate capitulation and the futile effort of Kaka D. Iralu to justify it amounts to taking a reactionary position. The Shillong Accord betrayed and challenged the decisive historical decisions taken by Naga people against any form of alien domination since the entry of the British colonialist inside Nagalim. Naga club came into being in 1918 and subsequently the Naga people took the historical stand including the 14th August, 1947 Independence declaration, the 1951 plebiscite, refusal to accede to the Indian Union and boycott of the Government of India (GOI) sponsored general elections. Let it be known to all that these historical decisions were almost demolished by a few misguided section of the NNC national workers who had received the official endorsement from the Zashei Hurei Ministry of the FGN and who went on to sign the infamous 1975 Shillong Accord. Some members of the NNC in the Alee Command including Isak Chishi Swu, Chaplee Kilonser NNC and Th. Muivah, General Secretary NNC saved the historical stand of the Nagas by condemning the Accord out rightly and later formed the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) in 1980.

The Naga people are resolute and a true freedom fighter recognizes the price they have to pay as revolutionaries fighting for the freedom of Naga people. But history indicates that a section of NNC/FGN members was misguided by Nagaland Peace Council who brokered the Shillong Accord. The Shillong Accord propagandist like Kaka D. Iralu justified the signing of Shillong Accord on account of situation forced by the “horror of Indian military operation”. He tried to justify the surrender of one hundred and forty five arms by the NNC members in the hands of the government of India and Nagaland Peace Council (NPC). Another point blatantly argued by him was that some NNC leaders escaped to eastern Nagalim for fear of Indian military operation. Is he spreading some cheap concocted stories to save the signatories of Shillong Accord and the NNC/FGN leaders? History shows that Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah were then leading the Alee Command mission in China and they were kept in the dark on the signing of Shillong Accord.

The Nagas had resorted to armed struggle in self-defense in order to safe their historical and political rights. It has become a symbol of their resistance against any occupational force. Revolutionary struggle ends once arms are surrendered in the hands of the enemy. Thus, NNC dethroned itself from the stage of history to make an ignominious exit by surrendering arms and betraying the Naga people and their political struggle. AZ. Phizo befitting his stature as NNC President failed to out rightly condemn the Accord notwithstanding the repeated requests of the NNC members through official letters.

Mr. Thepfulhouvi Solo known for his eccentric style of writing went overboard in most of his writings, divisively designed with anti-NSCN venom. His writings leave nothing to doubt of his petty grudge against the Nagas living in other states. He is not a Naga by blood in the true sense of the term. But he exercises no inhibition when it comes to downgrading the Nagas residing in other states because of historical circumstances as “outsiders”. But the fact remains that there is no “aboriginal Nagas” or “outsiders” as coined by Thepfulhouvi Solo. There is just one Naga nation inhabiting a contiguous and compact area that is now divided by artificial state boundaries and left in the four different states of Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh within India and in Myanmar (erstwhile Burma) without the free and informed consent of the Naga people. He should be warned of trying to distort the course of Naga history like Kaka D. Iralu and his blind loyalty to NNC that finally failed to uphold the historical rights of the Naga people.

The manner of Mr. Kekhrie Yhome going hyper critical of Naga Hoho with anti-NSCN venom is also seen in the media. But a person lacking political maturity with a prejudiced mindset will never stand the test of logical reasoning to educate the Nagas in correct perspective. He needs to sharpen his intuition on the ongoing Indo-Naga Political talks particularly on the question of “sovereignty” rather than creates confusion among the Nagas for the sake of academic write ups. The unique history and situation of the Nagas that was recognized through the conscious decision of the Government of India on July 11, 2002 at Amsterdam reflects the position of the NSCN in defense of the Naga people’s history and sovereignty. The more than 15 years of political negotiation with the GoI should remind him of the seriousness and the earnestness with which the NSCN is dealing with the more than 60 years of Naga struggle. It is quite a revelation that Mr. Kekhrie Yhome is transforming himself into an objective and state-centric intellectual.

Kaka’s and Mr. Thepfulhouvi Solo justification of NNC and the Shillong Accord stands condemned. It amounts to high treason against the Naga Nation. Mr. Kekhrie Yhome should understand that the Indo-Naga issue is pure and simple political and the current political negotiation is based on the non-negotiable historical facts of the Naga people. The survival of a nation hinges on a sound economic system and issues related to that are our serious concern. However, first and foremost the foundation must be clear and for that reason the political negotiation with the GoI began at the highest level, without pre-condition and outside India in a third country. Later as mentioned the GoI recognized the “Unique history and situation of the Nagas” underpinning the commitment of the NSCN for the history and political aspiration of the Naga people. Therefore, it is not necessary to argue about what is clear.

Any willful attempt to distort the history of the Nagas will no longer be tolerated. The NSCN will not remain a silent spectator to all these unfounded and pseudo intellectual blitzkrieg against the Naga people. We will guard against such practice and continue to follow the course that is best for the Naga people respecting and upholding the history of the Naga people.

Placed under the situation where the Nagas have to tread carefully, resorting to empty rhetoric to create confusion and pollutes the minds and thinking of the Nagas are simply to be treated as criminal indulgence. As a matter of doing the right thing for the Nagas at the right time, dissemination of wrong information at this critical juncture is anti-national and a crime against the Naga people’s, their struggle and history.



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