Untuck your tails


By: Khekiye K. Sema IAS (Rtd)

In a claustrophobic atmosphere surcharged with confused priorities it is an opportune moment to spend some quality time to analyze our predicament.
Scenario I: The Nagas declared their historical and inherent right as a Nation free of foreign yoke on 14th August 1947. To anchor this claim for self determination a National Movement emerged in the form of NNC and the Federal Government of Nagaland. Up to this point the honorable National picture is untarnished. Then all hell broke loose with Shillong Accord of 1975.
NSCN picked up the broken pieces. Human frailties and suspicion took over the reigns and since then we have had a multi-fragmentation of this organization mushrooming into so many unexplained Factions. The people of Nagaland have watched all these self destructive developments from a distance with complete detachment and indifference as if it has nothing to do with them. Not a single determined question has been raised by any apex forum or organization to compel all the factions to publically explain their stand and their differences that has induced them to stay apart despite the objective being the same.

It is not enough for one faction to give a blanket verbiage that they are fighting for sovereignty. So are all the other. All of them are. No! This is not enough! This is a core definition that is owed to the people by all the factions to explain the legitimacy of their existence. It could be for a valid reason as much as it may not. It would however provide the citizens of Nagaland an opportunity to understand, appreciate and endeavor for a constructive corrective alternative of unity with clarity for all our sakes.
Thus far, we have allowed confusion to reign supreme instead. We have allowed ourselves to be sucked into the vortex of the storm.

Scenario II: The negative cascading impact of so many undefined factions in existence has perpetuated the problem that we now wrestle with. With the birth of an organization comes the inalienable need of funds to keep it operational. Therefore… taxation.
Guns scare aside, since we have not and do not seem to want them to explain their presence we must therefore necessarily bear the responsibility to fend for the expenses for all the eight factions, whether their existence is legitimate or otherwise. That is the price we pay for our indifference.

Scenario III: Greed takes precedence over sovereignty. Now all the factions selfishly lose control and create their separate network of taxation directly and through their dealership syndicates for every conceivable commodity on earth. The common man gets overburdened with heavy taxation at every turn and cries out in pain at the uncontrolled spiraling of living cost impossible to negotiate.
They finally realize that they are damned to continue like this. This intolerable pressure on daily existence finally gives birth to ACAUT who picks up the cudgel that the Naga Hoho should rightly have done, had they not preferred to hoist their yellow flag and instead concentrate on contract and supply work.

Scenario IV: The ACAUT is the outcome of the will of the people expressing their utter frustration and inability to tolerate the continuous threat of guns and taxation every waking moment of their lives for so very long a time. The people of Nagaland want to be relieved of all the accesses being committed to the extremities. The people of Nagaland do not see any other ghost “intelligence groups” trying to create division other than to see the most corrupted threat of the underground greed in the guise of sovereign taxation.
Yet the NSCN (I-M) has the audacity to term ACAUT as an “illegal organization” with “no voice” to teach them what to do and not to do on taxation. (Nagaland Post 10th August 2013). This is gun backed arrogance at its best. Given all the organizations in Nagaland the ACAUT at present carries the deepest gratitude and endorsement of all the common people of Nagaland who form the majority.
It is not the prerogative of the NSCN (I-M) to recognize or derecognize ACAUT as legal or illegal neither is it required. The oppressed people of Nagaland have this authority and they not only RECOGNIZE it as the MOST LEGAL ORGANIZATION in Nagaland but cheer them on to honestly and fairly give their best with courage so that this dastardly homemade yoke is removed.
The Underground Factions (yes I am aware that they resent being referred to as undergrounds but have they honorably earned any other name?) must realize that the common man is now desperately struggling for his individual sovereignty to survive from day to day.  It is for NSCN (I-M) and all the other underground factions to see the writings on the wall, if gray matter still exists amongst them beyond their insatiable greed.

It says “don’t kill the goose that is laying the golden eggs”. Their garden of Aden will stop bearing fruits at the rate they all are strangling their people and poisoning the soil. Better senses should prevail through temperance of their accesses.
Finally, reading a column in Eastern Mirror of 10th August 2013 that said “one official from the NSCN (I-M) even warned ACAUT that strong action would be initiated if ACAUT tries to brainwash people by expanding its association to other districts in Nagaland” really takes the cake.

Yet again the brawn rearing its head to suppress the brain… Does it take a hungry man to be brainwashed to look for food? It comes naturally and instinctively. The people of Nagaland may not have reached the point of starvation but the road they are travelling on is awfully rough and difficult to negotiate like that of the Nagaland PWD roads. They would want to smoothen it out with or without threat from that official.

If Mr. Official is the reading type checks out Nagaland Post 10th August 2013 publication. ACAUT did not have to prompt or ‘brainwash’ the people of Zunheboto and yet they have formed a Steering Committee Against Price Rise and Unabated Taxation (SCAPRUT) and proposes to hold a meeting on the 12th of August at Hotel Heritage, wherever that is. Way to go Zunheboto way to go!  That NSCN (I-M) official should attend this meeting and threaten them as well?

Meanwhile, I have not been able to help myself from thinking aloud what has happened to all the good people of other districts of Nagaland as if this is a problem of strangers that does not impact on them directly. Their tails must be tired being tucked between their legs for so long. They should un-tuck it and relieve themselves like some other Districts are doing. The time is now!


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