NTC demands Mathew Rongmei substantiate his claim

Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) is constrained to see an article purportedly given by one Mathew Rongmei, alleged to be a senior journalist and claimed resident of Zeliangrong village in his article appeared in Nagaland Post dated August 18,2013, under the caption “Reading View Points On Rongmei Recognition.”

In his article at para 2, Rongmei claimed that “after last assembly decision to recognized a tribe, the issue which might now see and non issue for the government but the volley of frenzied press releases in media distastefully pent-up a social discomfort…… . If Mathew is an indigenous resident of Nagaland, as a claimed senior journalist should/ought to know the day to day proceedings of the State Assembly since all important deliberations are widely publicized. A senior journalist should give a true and correct picture of his reporting’s and not flatter and misguide to his own fellow Rongmeis who are longing and aspiring to be a recognized tribe in Nagaland although they do not have locus standi. NTC has categorically stated that it is not opposed to giving Rongmeis an indigenous inhabitant of Nagaland State who fulfils the criteria of 1977 government Notification but strongly opposed to recognizing as a Tribe.

NTC as congregation of the aboriginal Tribes of Nagaland, none of the constituent members have come across the Nagaland State Assembly passing resolution giving Rongmeis as a recognized Tribe. NTC therefore demands from Mathew Rongmei to provide date, month and the year when the NTC decided to give Rongmeis a recognized Tribe. Mathew Rongmei has self imposed on the Nagaland Legislative Assembly a thing which has not happen misleading the public. This wrong press publication by an alleged senior journalist ought to be taken to task by the appropriate authority concerned. NTC high lights the press fraternity to scrutinize the misleading statement of fellow journalist and discipline the roguish member to safeguard the integrity of the fraternity. (NTC). NPN

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