Build people not buildings

By: Robert N. Solo, T. Khel, Kohima Village.: 30 Aug. 2013 12:41 AM IST

When I am on the road, I see many churches all over Nagaland, some are very big and some are small, but sometimes I wonder, what the hell are these beautiful churches doing? What is the use of all these material things? Do we really have good Christians in Nagaland? Now it is high time that we become Christ oriented not just church buildings. I noticed that some preachers are so concerned about development of the church who just hang around the offices for funds and don’t give a damn about people and the faith, as a result the church produces monsters in the society. Some churches are led by bureaucrats who are supposed to be in office but they just ignore their duty to wear the mask of a good person in the church; we revere and respect those who are ignoring their duty in the office and serving in the church wearing all sorts masks to prove themselves, so we are also not less than these corrupt officials because we are encouraging them. Even thieves look at their leader with great respect, and honour him as if he is the most ethical person in the world knowing very well that he is a thief.

K. N. Kumar an IAS officer said in one of his speeches, ‘It is very sad that today people are building only buildings, we are the government to build people but unfortunately we are just building buildings.’ This person is atheist who openly claims he doesn’t believe in God, but I see God in whatever he does, I see a deep spiritual gifts in him too. He is one of those who has inspired me so much because of his unselfishness, he is changing the face of Meghalaya because of his ethics and purity. In Nagaland hospitals are built uselessly because there is no doctor to serve poor people, there are officials in a certain area where people are so lazy even to go and draw the salary so they ask people to bring it to their homes. After seeing all the suffering of the people, my conclusion is that, if we don’t address the need of desperate people, we will give birth to more desperadoes for more bloodshed. Many people are despaired, and they are the most dangerous people for our tomorrow.
The government never give so much salary to get very rich as to have all the luxury cars and assets which our officials are having, there are shares for even for the poorest and the weakest and the most uneducated people. To get good education and good medical treatment is our fundamental right, we are not asking it from NPF or Congress party, it is from the central government so no one has the right to take it from us.

No matter how far and remote we may be, we deserve a good road because Delhi has sanctioned enough money for it. Had the money been used judiciously, our roads would have been better than the roads of Shillong and Sikkim because the schedule rate for making road in Nagaland is the highest. Nagaland doesn’t need money, we need ethics to build people. NPN


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