Jonathan’s murder : AMCU decries

HNS/Imphal, Sep 23, 2013: Describing it as brutal and inhuman, All Manipur Catholic Union (AMCU) has strongly condemned the killing of Jonathan Kashung, former Vice President of ANSAM and one of the presidential candidates of Tangkhul Naga Long election while allegedly in the custody of NSCN (IM).

In a statement issued by its General Secretary Pritam Ludwig, AMCU said that it firmly believes that all human lives are precious gifts of god and thus, all right thinking and sensible persons/organisations should honour, respect and value human lives as a whole.

But in the case of Jonathan Kashung, the perpetrators have shown no respect for human life and have grossly overlooked the very principle of Natural justice before taking the extreme step of killing him. It is indeed sad to note that even today; the so-called justice is being delivered through the barrel of a gun. The perpetrators could have shown maturity by standing up to the great Chritian virtue of forgiveness and allowing him to amend/correct himself if Jonathan had committed any mistakes, howsoever, grave or big it might have been as no individual is beyond redemption, the statement of AMCU observed.

AMCU also appealed for a proper and thorough investigation to bring about the truth behind the brutal killing of Jonathan Kashung so that justice is delivered to the aggrieved family and those involved in the brutal killing be held responsible for their heinous act.

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