Many agony days for the Nagas

By: Thomas, NNC member

The Naga national workers have solidly united under the banner of the Naga National Council (NNC) after en mass surrendering of Revolutionary government to the enemy in 1973. And since 1976, the Naga Army base has been established in Eastern Nagaland under the leadership of Isak Swu and Th. Muivah. But due to Muivah’s socialist political ideology the differences among the Naga national leaders have been cropped up unexpectedly. Basing on his political ideology Muivah formed the so-called centralized government (one party one government) on 16th August 1976. This was done in gross violation of the Nagaland Yehzabo (Constitution) and this became the main factor for differences among the Naga national leaders particularly in Eastern Nagaland.

In 1978, Muivah has become very vocal and outspoken against Phizo’s leadership and strongly advocated to form the socialist government; saying that:

“Phizo is comfortably living in London, not knowing the Home situation and problems facing by his people. A leader who doesn’t have any contact with his people can neither give correct direction nor correct advice. What we need most at this juncture is a correct leadership and correct policy. It is irrational and unwise to have sent our leader to a democratic country in one hand and seeking military support from a Communist country on the other. It makes our neighbouring Communist Country angry and now they are not willing to give us arms and ammunitions. We must adopt socialist form of government and our Chairman should stay in a Communist country, then only we should get full support from them”.

But other Naga national leaders, namely late T. Venuh Chakhesang, Representative to Kachinland, late Lorho Mao, Chaplee Kilonser (Finance Minister) FGN, late Ngathingkhui Ahum, Midan Peyu (Chief Commissioner), Tangkhul Region and late Mayanger Ao, Tatar (MP) had outrageously rejected Muivah’s socialism. Late T. Venuh said, “This socialist form of government will make another partition among the Naga brothers. Western Naga people shall never accept socialistic form of government; rather they shall steadfastly stand by the NNC and FGN.

Late Ngathinghkui Ahum aslo expressed, “you (Isak, Muivah) were authorized to go to foreign country, but you have no authority to summon the Tatar Hoho (Parliament) or form a new government by dissolving the existing one without the consent of the people on one hand and in violation of the Yehzabo (Constitution) of the Federal Government of Nagaland on the other hand. And therefore the resolution of 16th August 1976 adopted by you is unconstitutional and null and void in itself. Without the verdict of our people we cannot form a new government. We have our Yehzabo and should practice accordingly and therefore should be dissolved your new government in the interest of national unity”.

Late Mayanger said; “you (Muivah) are my leader and my brother, please be sensible and realistic in your approach and reconsider your new scheme of socialistic form of government which shall never be acceptable to our people, since the majority of our people are Christians today. You may be thinking that you can do anything as you wish under the might of arms, but once you adopt socialism it will be a political blunder and our people will fight against us even with Jathi (spear) and dao (sword). The consequence thereof the blood of Nagas shall flow like a river. You please deeply reconsider your scheme of action for the sake of national unity. In such a fragile situation even a slight mistake would shatter the unity of the nation at any moment. In 1968, some of Sema leaders formed a Revolutionary government and the Nagas had faced a setback in the history. The same mistake should not be repeated in our time.”

But Muivah did not take heed to their advice, instead killed them all who opposed his socialism in the last part of 1979 in Eastern Nagaland and formed the so-called NSCN on January 31, 1980. Among the Eastern Naga Regions, only Khiamiungans rejected Muivah’s socialism and stood to defend the NNC/FGN with more than sixty undaunted Naga soldiers. Because of their firm stand on the NNC, the NSCN leaders, with no compassion crushed Khiamniungan Region, burned down their villages including granaries, consumed all of their livestock. Many people were hacked and shot death and many more were died of starvation. According to the list of the Region, 524 lives were lost in the hands of the NSCN in 1980 alone.

The people, who can no more tolerate and bear their brutality, cooperated with the Naga soldiers and finally attacked the NSCN Army HQ Camp at Langnok Niu village, Khiamniungan Region on September 27, 1980, thus over run the Camp. Indeed it was not a victory for the Naga soldiers but a sign that the Nagas rejected Muivah’s socialism. I felt sad for the loss of lives in the attack. In fact, if the NSCN was not formed, such fighting among the Nagas should not be happened in the history. But the NSCN-IM has been observing it as Agony Day since 1981, without realizing their misdeed. The question, why the NSCN was needed to form despite good advice given by their comrades, is still remained to be answered by the NSCN leaders.

As consequences of the formation of NSCN, thousands of Naga lives have been lost in the past more than 30 years and killing is continued unabated till date among the Nagas. Recently Eno Jonathan Kashung, a candidate for Tangkhul Naga Long President election (which was to be held on Sept. 18) was abducted on September 13, and killed on 16th September 2013 by NSCN-IM group. That day is also agony day for the family members and relatives. Therefore not only September 27 is Agony Day, but many Agony Days for many Naga families whose dear ones were killed by the NSCN without any reason.

What the right advice and prediction have given by the visionary leaders (who were eliminated by NSCN leaders), and how it has been fulfilled is the witness of all living today, and to have the right decision and work for the truth or to follow the wrong path blindly are to be chose by the young generations of today.

This is written because on this day (September 27), NSCN-IM leaders always telling lie that their camp was jointly attacked by the Naga Army, Burmese Army and Indian Army.


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