Naga Hoho need not fear NTC

By: Jonas Yanthan

Nagaland needs an intellectually fearless organization to stand for the rights of the people, a body which will always speak and stand for truth and justice; be able to question any politician, parties and the government whenever and wherever they go wrong and most importantly to safeguard the provisions of Article 371 (A) for all times to come.

Our State is in need of a common body to always stand for democratic principles and reasoning constitutionally, democratically and legally in dealing with all issues confronting the State.

For this such a common body should be morally above narrow politics and narrow tribalism. Consequently, it must in no way need nor take monetary help from any governmental organization, vested interest individuals or groups except the humble, voluntary and honest contribution of the members.

In other words, this body must necessarily stand on its own, free from all clutches. Naga Hoho, if we are not mistaken, was formed to perform this task but today it has become a mere mouth piece and courier of the Government instead of being the guardian and master of uprightness and justice.

As of now, we have no common body of all the tribes of Nagaland that is exclusively for the State except in bits and blocks. As rightly pointed out by intellectuals like Thepfulhouvi Solo and Khekiye K. Sema, Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) is being formed to fill this vacuum with the criteria mentioned above.
The harbingers of NTC have, therefore, rightly envisioned performing this much needed thankless mission to consistently straighten and strengthen the tribes of Nagaland to strive for a just and honest living. NTC’s primary task is to voice against injustice, inequality of all sorts and nepotism because these and not any other factors are the primary cause of disharmony among the tribes.

NTC, as a nascent body, will have membership from like-minded intellectual citizens of the tribes of Nagaland. Its earnest task will be aimed at voicing the genuine legitimate rights of the tribes of Nagaland in order to forge fraternity and harmony.

The apprehension of Naga Hoho about the formation of NTC, therefore, is nothing but an expression of a small head. If UNC of Manipur is understood as exclusively for their genuine aspirations and therefore in no way parallel to Naga Hoho, NTC will in no way be parallel to NH because Naga Hoho, as defined by G.Gaingam, Former VP, Naga Hoho, is an apex body of India and Burma Naga Tribes. NTC will be a small organization within a small State of Nagaland under the jurisdiction of Article 371 (A) only.

Hence, Naga Hoho, being an international body, has nothing to be disturbed or worry about forming NTC. We shall all be there to safeguard the genuine aspirations of our people from varied platforms.


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