NTC rebuts to Naga Hoho


NTC once again reiterates that the formation of Nagaland Tribes Council clearly defines the ambit of its jurisdiction as within the state of Nagaland. It has on several occasions categorically declared its aims and objectives to continue to promote, protect and preserve the social fabric and the cultural heritage of its communities, fostering a sense of unity, fraternity and brotherhood among the Naga tribes of Nagaland.

In this regard, it is hereby clarified to all Nagas that by its formation, NTC will in no way dilute nor deter the Naga struggle for social and political fraternity. NTC goal is to strengthen the already existing bonds within the Nagas of Nagaland and to cater to the needs of the Nagas at this juncture of diverse and multifarious expectations. Formation of NTC has been made after wide ranging consultation with various leaders of the tribes in Nagaland which yearns for such a platform of the Nagas of Nagaland. Therefore, it is in no way an infringement or downgrade upon the authority of already existing and recognized organizations. It is simply a fulfillment of the peoples aspirations.

As stated in several of its publications, NTC is a purely Civil Organization of likeminded Nagas of Nagaland who have deliberated minutely and brought about collective agendas to address the social upliftment of all concerned Naga citizens of Nagaland. Therefore the Naga Hoho which is a Pan Naga organization should not obstruct the formation of NTC.

NTC once more reiterates that by its formation and through its agendas and objectives, we in no way hinder, disturb or impede any existing social organizations. NTC will work in a manner to foster cooperation and solidarity with all recognized groups and organizations uplifting and strengthening the all round capacity of all Nagas of Nagaland. To this end we remain committed.


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