The Rationale of NTC Formation

Thepfulhouvi Solo

The Rationales behind the formation of Nagaland Tribes Council are:

1. The ‘Nagaland Tribes Council’ –NTC- should never become a threat to anybody, not even to the smallest minority Community in Nagaland. (please: ‘Nagaland Tribes Council’ and not Nagaland Tribal Council).

2. The NTC should never force anybody to become a Member of the Organization. Membership initially should be ‘from the Tribe directly’ not from the Tribal Hohos, but any Tribal Hoho strongly supporting NTC is also a Member of the Naga Hoho, then he or she is not a New Creature but an old Creature!

3. Nagaland Tribes Council should continue undaunted, undeterred and unwavering in the pursuit of the legitimate Interests of the Nagas of Nagaland in particular and the people of Nagaland in general.

4. The NTC should not be a Political Body; it can not and should not take the burden of Naga Political Decisions.

5. The Nagaland Government could not safeguard the Interest of the Nagas of Nagaland.

6. The Naga Hoho, the NSF, the Naga Mother’s Association and the MPMHR could not protect the Interests of the Nagas of Nagaland.

7. The Need of the Interests of the Nagas of Nagaland was felt direly for a long time after the Naga Hoho of Nagaland was hijacked by a majority of outside Nagas in the Organization with the myopic support of some Nagas of Nagaland.

8. Disgusted with the behavior of the Naga Hoho, important and significant number of Nagaland Tribes dissociated themselves from the Naga Hoho because the Hoho found no time -“Time Nai”- and 6 important Tribes of Nagaland left the Naga Hoho in the hand of the Government.

9. The Words of the Lord came to Jeremiah: likewise, the word of Nagas of Nagaland came to NTC and said:
‘Before you were formed in the womb of the Naga Hoho, Before you were born, I set you apart’ for Nagas of Nagaland’.

Many Nagas of goodwill have expressed NTC is ‘not Pre-Mature born’ but came very timely; it came ‘not on the wishes of someone with an Axe to grind’ and no amount of imagination can connects NTC has anything to hamper or enhance the Indo-IM Peace Process. So far, there has not been even a single Naga, man or woman, in the whole of Nagaland speaking against the NTC but a lot of Nagas have expressed their disgust at the civil Organizations of Nagaland even in the Papers. Naga Hoho need not feel any threat from any NTC; if any threat comes, it will only be from the Naga Hoho itself!


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