Let NTC be non-controversial


By: I. Vitokhe Assumi, former president, Sumi Hoho

If I were an NTC active participant, I shall remain active under the banner of the Naga Hoho, like that of the UNC. The Naga Hoho is the apex-body, under which, both the UNC and NTC should function. In the same way ENPO too must respect Naga Hoho as its apex-body. Naga Hoho is the highest apex Hoho that must rule over all its units. We have many Naga Hoho units throughout the world. In 2009, in the month of March, when the Nagaland state government initiated the Nagas consultative meet in Nagaland capital Kohima, the Nagas both within and outside attended and submitted their good suggestions. They were all resourceful personalities, who had come to Kohima, represented their units.
They said they have Nagas union in America, Britain, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea and so on. How beautiful to hear them that, they abided by the Apex body Naga Hoho Kohima. If any unit disassociate themselves from the parent body Naga Hoho then they would become parentless units. So also, if the apex body, the Naga Hoho disowns or quarrel with its units, who never claim themselves as the apex Hoho then the parent body Naga Hoho would be immature.

The formation of UNC and ENPO must be out of necessity, and not anti-Naga Hoho. They both maintain good relationship with Naga Hoho. In the same way, if the formation of NTC is necessary, let us not obstruct its way but, let us encourage its formation. If we go against the formation of ENPO, UNC and NTC, the matter will be complicated and it may burn our house. Hence, we must not obstruct its way.
To my understanding sirs, the ENPO issues and UNC issues are to be initiated by their own people, as they have more concern in their affairs than us. So also, the Nagas of Nagaland have many separate issues and our issues within the Nagaland should be initiated by the Naga people within Nagaland. Let us not mix-up issues. Let ENPO and UNC also get separate state hood. Don’t obstruct; rather we must support their issues.

Let the Nagas of Myanmar get a separate state within Myanmar country. That is another improvement for our people living in that country. It has come to our knowledge that, one day the Nagas will become a separate nation and during which many states shall be there. That time may be near.

Our national workers are dreaming of a ‘Supra-State’. Who knows, ‘Supra-State’ may rule over the three separate states and that time may be heading towards us. So, let us unite ourselves and pray to God.

Let us not initiate disunity, but let us initiate Naga unity. Disunity ruled Nagaland for nearly 50 (fifty) years, within which, more than thousands of lives had perished. Enough is enough. May God bless the people that cooperates.


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