Naga Tribes Council formally launched

NTC to represent voices of the people.
KOHIMA, OCTOBER 14 (MExN): The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) on Monday stated that it is now set to “represent the voices of the people on all the relevant issues that are confronting us today.” The NTC was formally launched on October 12 at APO Hall in Kohima.
A press note from the NTC called for cooperation from all the established bodies and “conscious participation” of all concerned citizens of the state. It expressed hope that, “together we deliver goods to the people through the NTC platform which is created for the 14 Naga Tribes of Nagaland and to venture out with concerned communities or groups to deliver much needed services to the people.”
The note further informed that the NTC launch was attended by over five hundred Naga leaders from different tribes in Nagaland.  The Coordination Committee of the NTC expressed its gratitude to all concerned for their support and help in making the NTC Launching Ceremony “a grand success.”

Thepfulhouvi Solo becomes President
Thepfulhouvi Solo, IFS (Retd) has taken oath as the first president of the Nagaland Tribes Council. In his acceptance speech as the head of NTC, Solo acknowledged the sacrifices by those who strove to form the NTC.

He was hopeful that the formation of NTC will give a platform to the people to voice their concerns regarding issues in the interest of the Naga tribes.
He also stressed on the need for deeper understanding of the “special constitutional rights” for Nagaland, as enshrined in the Constitution of India with regard to ownership of land and its resources.
The oath of office of the NTC was administered by Hokishe Yepthomi (Convenor Search Committee). Other officials of the NTC for the tenure 2013-2018 included; vice presidents-Lendi Ao and Toniho Sumi; general secretary-Nribemo Ngullie, assistant general secretaries– Kulimbe Kengim and Mishak Jemmu; information & publicity secretary- Theja Therieh and Kethozapu Sahu as treasurer.
Earlier, NTC convenor P. Pius Lotha in his address said formation of NTC should have no conflict with Naga Hoho as the latter was a platform of all Nagas while NTC was for the “aboriginal Naga tribes of Nagaland state.”
He said that the NTC would extend solidarity towards the interest of each member tribe and propagate the need of peace and eschew any form of violence, misgivings and promote co-existence among all sections of Nagas and other communities.
NTC secretary Theja Therieh said that NTC was committed to work sincerely in close association with all other tribes, castes and communities for peaceful co-existence and mutual benefits in all times to come.

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