The formation of NTC and its effect on Naga unity

The mushroom growth of public organization, NGOs and political factions under any conceivable boundaries does not augurs well for the unity of the Naga as a Nation. In fact this is a reminiscent of the grant of Statehood by the GoI without the Nagas of Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar with the sole intent of dividing the Nagas into pieces. The growth above could be the reverberating effect of the adversary at work-one may ask?
The adherents of Nagaland Tribal Council (NTC) endorses to work for the unity of the Nagas but the question is how can be dividing the Naga Hoho better unity can be achieved? It is unfortunate that the intellectuals of the Nagas completely ignored the fact that Nagas of Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar are living and suffering under oppressive government which are also not under their control whereas, Nagas of Nagaland are under the government of our own control. It may not be wrong to be aware of special privileges we enjoy but it will be wrong not to share even the crumbs with our fellow brothers and sisters who are groveling under difficult situation in other States for being Nagas.
The Statement that the jurisdiction of NTC is confined only to within the boundaries of the State of Nagaland needs proper clarification, because if the statement assumed that Nagaland boundary to be the present adhoc interim boundary under which the State Government is functioning, it does not conform to the Nagas Political or legal stand. It should not be forgotten that the matter of State boundary is pending in the Supreme Court of India and that the State Boundary is one of the main issue in the ongoing cease fire talk between GoI and the Naga National Leaders. Therefore, it will be incorrect to assume any boundary at this stage and every Nagas are expected to talk in terms of the original boundaries for Naga Hills as created by the British India Govt. in 1866.
Though the supporters of NTC stated that it will work for the total unity of the Nagas but because of dividing the Naga tribes on assumed State boundary, it will be difficult to say that Naga Unity is brought closer. Further it cannot be denied that the formation of NTC coincided with the protest against sharing privileges with other indigenous Nagas who are already with us since the British period. This is against the ethos of Naga political mandate to unite all the Naga tribes under one administrative unit. Thus the formation of NTC will obviously dissention. It was on this Naga political stand Naga Hobo was conceived to be inclusive of all the Naga tribes wherever they are. Perhaps it was due to inept handling of delicate situation, coupled with unexpected political pressures that lead the Naga Hobo to its present state of dismemberment- first by ENPO, then CTC and now NTC.
In view of the above, it will really be a sad day for the Nagas if the painstaking achievement of the Naga Hoho is to be thrown away just because Nagas of Nagaland refused to share the ‘Crumbs’ of special privileges with fellow Nagas when such privileges are purely legal matter. Formation of more NGOs will not foster unity, rather it will create ground for more division on the Naga Political issues.

T.L. Angami


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