KIN withdraws representation from NTC

Following “exclusion” of Kuki tribe in the recently launched Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC), Kuki Inpi, Nagaland (KIN) Wednesday asked the NTC to intimate the reason for non-inclusion in the NTC, saying the representation, which it had submitted to the NTC, should be treated as “withdrawn”.

In a press release, KIN president Paolal Hangsingh stated that KIN had on June 20, 2013 submitted a memorandum to the NTC wherein the political participation, stand and position of Kuki tribe in Nagaland starting from the time of submission of memorandum to the Simon Commission in 1929, participation in Plebiscite in 1951 by Kuki elders, recognition of Kuki Mimkut festival 1962 besides other participations in all political and social activities were cited affirming Kuki tribe in Nagaland was a recognized tribe and indigenous inhabitant tribe of Nagaland.

In spite of inclusion of the Kuki tribe in Nagaland and their participation in all political and social activities as cited, KIN said the Kuki tribe of Nagaland was excluded in the NTC. NPN


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