Nagas do not need your kind of leadership

Mr. Thepfulhouvi Solo, WHEN and HOW the Nagas from Nagaland State become Gold and Silver according to you?  When and how the Nagaland State become a land flowing with milk and honey for the Nagas in Nagaland? This is interestingly funny to me but it may true for you. A Tribalistic, selfish and shortsighted leader like you should stop dividing further the Naga people. A patriotic Naga leader will never write or talk like you except pointing out some mistakes or giving constructive criticisms to improve the working systems.

There are some Naga patriotic intellectuals, and from time to time they used to point out the mistakes and give constructive criticisms to unite the Naga people and to improve the working system. However, the way you write and talk is totally different. You are simply dividing the Nagas further more and more instead of trying to bring closer the Naga people. What are you expecting by dividing further the Naga people? Is this what you have learnt during the tenure of your IFS service?

There are some practical problems and genuine issues that you used to talk and this is the main reasons, many people support you and I also sincerely appreciate some of the genuine issues that have shared and we need to work out for the interest of the Naga public. However, your selfishness, your people concept, tribalistic attitude and shortsightedness have scores more points than your genuine issues. It is quite possible that very soon many people may leave you alone after coming to know the fact about you.

Some of the points that you talk like freedom of expression, illegal taxation, extortion, some genuine issues for the Nagas in Nagaland are highly appreciable. However, you are not a leader for the Nagas and your heart is full of selfishness, tribalistic, and full of shortsightedness in your approach and the Naga people may no need a leader like you.

Many people do not know what is inside you will support your leadership but all those people who know about you will soon leave you alone. Today, the Naga need the leaders who is for the Nagas, who will stand for truth, justice, transparency and accountability for the Naga public and no your kind of leader to divide the Naga further. Personally, I do not have any problem about the formation of Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC). Organisation is not a problem, it is just a name.


@Dr. Thohe Pou


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