NTC missed oppurtunity

By: Lun Tungnung
The formation of Nagaland Tribe Council (NTC) was a much welcomed and long awaited desire of the vast majority people of Nagaland to have an organization which gives a true representation to the different recognized Tribes within the state of Nagaland- a sort of Pan-Nagaland Organisation.
However the exclusion of two Tribe-however minor and irrelevant it might be to other Tribes, Kuki and Kachari are also a legitimate Tribe and recognized by the Government both by the State and Central as well from the day the Statehood of Nagaland was declared and formed- has made the NTC a Non-Pan Nagaland Tribe Organisation and thereby missing an opportunity to give a comprehensive platform of true legitimate, aboriginal and recognized Tribes of Nagaland and bring under one umbrella which has eluded us even after 50 years of Statehood- reason best known to the NTC members for their exclusions policy.
The two Minor tribes-Kuki & Kachari-would not have felt betrayed and left out if the nomenclature of NTC was   “Naga Tribe Council” – inspite of the fact since time immoral both the Tribe has felt and live as a Naga within the State of Nagaland, contributing in every movements and participating in every forum before the creation of Statehood as well as after that. However the NTC nomenclature stands for “Nagaland Tribe Council”-which would have automatically made both the minority recognized Tribe as equal as other Tribes of Nagaland but were left out and made an Orphan within their own State, deserted and abandon in their own home and backyard by their other fellow Tribal brothers and sisters.

The Status of Kacharis:
The Kachari tribe has been part of Nagaland since time immoral and infact courtesy to the big hearted and magnanimous of this tribe, today Nagaland biggest and most prosperous City-Dimapur-is a part and parcel of our State.

However fake stories and fantasy we may create and have, it is an irrefutable fact that Dimapur is  and was part of Dima Raja Kingdom, their records and facts dated back in eras and Generations having concrete evidence and historical records to prove their claims over Dimapur. Inspite of their Non-Naga’s identity-Kachari’s- they had been part and parcel of our State living and participating as Equal Once upon a time with honor and dignity. Inspite of their magnanimous and willingness to be part of our State, the Kachari’s are one of the most marginalized and deprived backward Tribe within the State of Nagaland having not a single or almost non-existences  direct NCS/NPS officer till date from the day our Statehood was created.
One glaring example of the state of the Kacharis in their own land-Dimapur-is the almost non-existence of their presence in their once dominated colony/areas such as Naharbari, Darogapathar, Purana Bazaar, Padampukhri, Bamunpukhri etc and they have become from Landlord to Landless in their own land which they had happily decided to be part of our State during the formation of our Nagaland state. The presence of the Kachari’s Tribe in our State service and other sphere is as good as Non-existence where I feel that the State has done great Injustice to a Tribe who had contributed so generously and lead to the development of the whole State through the city of Dima Raja land called Dimapur and deserving the status of Backward Quota than any other tribe of Nagaland.
# In such case of marginalization, deprivations and Ill-treatment to the Kachari tribe within their own Nagaland State, the Kachari’s out of insecurity may lead to the demand for Re- alignment and be part of the Kachari organizations demand for Statehood for the Kachari Tribe in Assam and make Dimapur as their one of their demand area, where there’s Irrefutable historical records of being Dimapur as theirs thereby leaving Nagaland in a very precarious situation.

The Status of the Kukis:
The first time an idea of Naga’s as an Political organisation and united to form as one entity was organized through Naga Club and made representation to the then British government through Simon Commission, who was then the master at that time of the whole undivided India of their desire to form their own single United habitation and co-habits amongst different Tribe within a Union and clear demarcated land-the Kuki as a community wholeheartedly consented along with other Tribes to be under such entity and conglomeration from the day Naga Political ideology was born continuing till date in various forums and organizations which has become the basis of the Uniqueness of Naga history.

Since the time of the formation of Naga club and then the representation made to Simon Commission to live as one within one geographical area, the Kuki tribe was one of the member who had Voiced and was signatories of the Simon Comission-the same Commission documents which all Naga Political groups have based their demands for sovergnity from the era of NNC till date by different organizations, legitimizing our demand to be a free Nation basing on Simon Commission Representation.
The Kuki’s also whole heartedly participated in the 1950’s Plebiscite under the great leadership of Late. Phizo and its other National workers as a citizen willing to live independently as one as well as contributing both in terms of Manpower as well as any other forms like any of our Naga brothers during that time struggle for self-determination and Sovereignty.
Today the state of the Kuki’s within the state of Nagaland is in pitiable conditions, which is as good as non-existence in the eye of the government and our beloved brothers and sister, the same community who had share the same burden, hardship and pain like any other Naga tribe from the creation of Naga club till date. The last time a Kuki cleared his NCS exam was in 1991 and NPS in 1995-ever since then the Kuki has not got any single NCS/NPS officer, only God knows the reason behind such sudden marginalization of the Kuki Community within their own state of Nagaland, where from time immemorial they had always stood, sacrifice and fought for the Land like any other tribe of Nagaland. In such scenario the status of Backward quota is much deserving to the Kuki community in government services as the status of the Kuki’s are not better but in fact worst then most of the Backward Tribe in Nagaland.
The only administrative Headquarter of the compact Kuki inhabited place-Athibung town-which was created in early 1980’s is still an EAC HQ till date whereas the other HQ established along with Athibung town during that time has all been upgraded to an ADC Headquarters. The oversight and discriminations by the government in providing facilities as enjoyed by other Tribe continues till date to our Kuki backward community and the appeal and prayers to be treated as equal like any other tribe with whom we had walked and lived as one from the era of Naga club and Simon Commission had fallen deaf to the government till date. The discriminations and marginalization’s continue till date in every walk of lives for being a Kuki tribe within our own state of Nagaland.
In every social organisation like the Naga Hoho, NSF etc both Kuki and Kachari’s were excluded but the formation of NTC-Nagaland Tribe Council-brought a Ray of hope that we will also be regarded as one and be included as part and parcel of the much desired NGO organisation catering to the dreams and hope of majority of the tribe and people of Nagaland. However to our surprise and disappointment we –Kuki along with Kachari-were excluded in NTC thereby continuing the policies of alienation and discrimination within our State of Nagaland for which we all have given so much from the first time we as a Tribes decided to form a common platform in the form of Naga Club and daring to dream to live as a Sovereign nation through representation made to Simon Commission.
The formation of NTC-Nagaland Tribe Council- and excluding the two Minor recognized tribe of Nagaland-KUKI & Kachari-has come as a rude shock and left both the tribe and community heartbroken and a sense of betrayal within our own State where no tribe or communities can question our dedications, sincerity, sacrifice and loved for our State of Nagaland.
The Betrayal becomes more painful where for the first time the leadership of an NGO’s is held by one of the most Vocal, honest and Highly educated ex-IFS officer whose stature, Admiration  and respect is undisputable likewise along with the present office bearers.
In a family the youngest and weakest are most loved and given more attention to ensured that they are not left out but in our State of Nagaland it’s the total opposite where the minority and deprived Tribe should be trembled upon so that their existence are removed within certain period of time.
The NTC has lost a golden opportunity to be a Pan-Nagaland organisation to be called true people and Tribal organisation meant only for the Recognised Tribe of Nagaland, which has eluded us for a long time, the much anticipated and wishes of the people has left much to be desired upon whereby two legitimate recognized marginalized Tribe of Nagaland-Kuki & Kachari- was ABANDON and left as an ORPHAN within their own state by their brothers and sisters with whom they had toiled their sweat, tears and blood to safeguard the territory of our State from any adverse forces from the day it was conceived the idea to have one geographical area called Naga Nation leading to the formation of the State of Nagaland.
The one glaring example of the many discrimination and marginalization of the Kuki & Kachari Tribe within their own State of Nagaland is the omission of the Tribes in Nagaland Government 2013 dairy.
The 50th Nagaland Statehood anniversary Gift to the Kuki and Kachari Tribe will be remembered for generations to come by the two Tribe/community, where the marginalized and weak tribes are left Homeless and Orphan from every corner-both by the Government and the NGO’s in their own beloved State of Nagaland.  -MExN
Note: This is my personal opinion not necessarily the opinion of the whole tribes of Kuki’s & Kachari’s

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