Support for Nagaland Tribes Council

By: Charles Mhonthung Ezung, River Belt Colony Dimapur

The creation of Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) should not have attracted so much brouhaha, since it is within the prerogative enjoyed by every tribe to come together and form a larger platform where we can meet and discuss issues of mutual interest. It is not an organisation created to destroy another organisation but in fact, judging from the statements of the leaders of the NTC, it is created to supplement all the existing Naga organisations in their purpose to protect the interest and rights of the Naga people across Nagaland State and particularly the people of the state of Nagaland.

The issue of whether the existing Naga organisations did anything worth while for the cause of the Naga people and the people of the state of Nagaland is matter of intellectual debate. I have my justifications whether I say that they did or they did not. The points highlighted by our respected Thepfulhouvi Solo are surely valid and needs deep pondering upon by the different organisations mentioned by him. They also should admit that in some way or at some point of time they had failed the Naga people of Nagaland state. We the common people had been suffering for so long, groaning under the yoke of our own brothers, where were these organisations to lift up this unjustified yoke? The creation of ACAUT is a welcome development, but don’t you think this should have been done long time back? Also it should have been under the aegis of the Naga Hoho, which is the apex of all the Naga organisations and it would have carried more weight and its reach would have wide spread. We have our own kith and kins who are unemployed and at the same time do not posses enough capital to start self employment.

Now should I think of my own immediate kith and kin or my distant kith and kin. I believe no one would condemn me just because I have given priority to my own kith and kin who are in need. In the same manner what the NTC is planning to do I believe is to serve the interest of the Nagas of Nagaland State first, since we have so many needy people in our own land to take care of.
Let us not bicker but come together and work together. There may be hundreds of organisations within the state, but it doesn’t matter as long as there is mutual understanding and cooperation between us. Personally I feel the more organisation exist the better for us Nagas because we will have better opportunity to express our interest and also platforms to represent them.


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