‘Tearing down banners will not silence the voices of people’

Dimapur | October 29 : The ACAUT today informed that the ‘Signature Campaign’ banners at Clock Tower—manned by The Naga Blog (TNB) – were “pulled down by unscrupulous elements and carted away.” This, it stated, “has hurt the sentiments of the people and the ACAUT condemns such acts of cowardice.”

Business Association of Nagas (BAN) pointed out that “tearing down the banners will not silence the voices of the general public.” While pointing out “the immaturity of individuals who have torn down the banners of the ACAUT’s signature campaign,” the BAN in a statement, affirmed that “this rally is not targeted against any organization but is simply an expression of people who are fed up with the sad state of affairs.”

Citizens who turned up at the Clock Tower to sign the ACAUT banners Tuesday morning were in for a shock as the banners were found removed. ACAUT members at the site said that about 20 banners were taken away. The missing banners, with signatures on them, were replaced by a new one. The replacements were however also torn down later in the afternoon by unidentified men. A witness said that 4-5 persons turned up at the Clock Tower at around 4:30 pm, took down the remaining banners and left. The police was finally called to keep vigil at the site.  Pastors from the Lotha Baptist Church, BAN, Eastern Naga Students Union, Dimapur, Miss Dimapur 2013 and Nightwatch Prayer Group had turned up. A pastor, expressing disappointment, termed the act as a direct challenge to democracy and against the wishes of the people; and on the flipside has only reinforced the people’s support.

Medicine shops, Garages to
close till noon on October 31

The Nagaland Medicine Dealers Association has informed that all “the Medicine shops in and around Dimapur will remain closed from 9AM to 12 noon on October 31” in support of the ACAUT rally. The NMDA issued this statement today. Furthermore, Dimapur District Garage Welfare Trade Union has requested all its registered garages to remain closed on October 31 to “fully support the ACAUT rally.”

Schools, Colleges requested
to close on October 31

The ACAUT has requested all schools and colleges in Dimapur District to close their institutions on October 31 to show solidarity with the ‘Public Awareness Rally’ and also to enable the students to attend the rally.
Morung Express News


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