ACAUT’s successful rally in Dimapur

31 Oct. 2013: The NSCN-IM disallowed the ACAUT to hold a rally on 31st Oct. 2013.

However, the ACAUT decided to go ahead with rally and today there was a huge crowd came for the rally. The rally went peacefully and ended at 12 Noon.

Yesterday, “a five-member delegation from ACAUT and Naga Council Dimapur went and met with NSCN (I-M) ato kilonser Th. Muivah and other functionaries Wednesday,  to clarify ACAUT’s position with regard to the October 31 rally” NP staff reported.

The NP staff further rerport that, according to ACAUT secretary Solomon L. Awomi the delegation briefed the NSCN (I-M) about their position and reaffirmed support for the ongoing political talks between the NSCN (I-M) and government of India. Awomi said that even after the delegation clarified the stand,   NSCN (I-M) leaders remained adamant with their decision to “disallow the proposed rally”.

“He said the NSCN(I-M) leaders questioned the team as to why they were going ahead with the rally when it has been  “disallowed” ?.  He said  NSCN (I-M) leaders warned that ACAUT would be held solely responsible, if the ongoing talk was affected. Reiterating that the ACAUT movement was not directed against the political peace process, Awomi asserted that ACAUT would go ahead with the proposed rally” NP reports.


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