3-point resolution passed during the ACAUT rally

Three-Point Resolution passed during the rally

1.    The Naga public recognizes “One Government One Taxation” only and the Naga public has decided to pay only one tax to one entity. This also means that as long as factionalism exists, the Naga public shall not pay tax.

2.    The Naga public re-affirms its support for Naga movement and strongly urges the Government of India to settle the Indo-Naga imbroglio at the earliest.

3.    The Government of Nagaland should constitute a high powered committee within 15 days to study the whole gamut of unabated taxations and illegal collections involving the NPGs and government agencies/departments. The committee shall consist of atleast 5 (five) members headed by a retired judge of the Supreme Court or High Court with atleast 2 members from the ACAUT. The committee should submit its report within 2 months with its findings published in all the newspapers. In the event, the government fails to constitute the committee within the said period, the ACAUT will initiate further action in consultation with public.


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