Who is this social activists K. Zou?

Who is this K. Zou, a functionary of All India Tribal students’ Association, based in Delhi? Does anyone know him personally? I want to see his research work on maid servants living condition in mainland cities (Delhi and other cities). I personally challenge him and request him to publish his research report in the paper to substantiate or prove his statement or report given in the paper. I am 101% sure that he did not do any research work on Nagas and some other communities – may be he must be talking about his family or his own community mistreating and torturing the maid servants. In how many cities he has taken the survey? How many maid servants he has interviewed personally? When he has done his research work?

His report or statement is the most humiliating and defaming statement ever given by north east people may be in this century. If you know him personally, you may kindly tell him gently to apologize to the people of Manipur for his humiliating and defaming report. He needs to resign from AITSA  on moral ground as we can file the case against him on: (i) defamation case (ii) unauthentic report and (iii) intentionally misleading the people.

As a social activist and working for the people, he should have not generalise the whole communities. But strangely, he is selling the name of the whole communities which he is working for them. It is a great shame on his part to generalize the whole people in Manipur with his half-baked knowledge on the people of Manipur. He consider himself to be a social activist but he is  just generalising the whole people by seeing the maid servant mistreated perhaps by  a few cases.  His report or statement in the paper is nothing but show his inhuman treatment to his maid servant and generalising the whole people of Manipur.  He should tender apology to the people of Manipur for his humiliation, defamation and misleading the people by generalising the whole people with his family treatment toward the maid servant.

Even if there were cases in Delhi and in other cities, why he did not report to the Students’ Union and compromising himself secretly? There is Students’ Union in every community in Delhi and in other cities, and they are very effective in dealing all kinds of problems and welfare of their own communities. He is compromising the cases without reporting to the Students Union or taking the cases to the legal court is one of the greatest mistake he had done. Secondly, he is generalising the whole communities in Manipur are torturing the maid servant. And thirdly, he is reporting to the media without any support to his statements or report .

By saying this, I am no trying to defend for the people of Manipur. However, the way he compromises the cases, not reporting to the Students’ Union and directly reporting to the media is illogical. Another question is: why he is reporting to the media when he is secretly compromising the cases?

Quoting his statement or report in the news paper:

“A Delhi based social activist, K Zou, who is also a functionary of All India Tribal Students’ Association (AITSA) said torturing maid servant is common among fellow Manipuri, tribal and Meitei alike, in Delhi and other mainland cities” – The Sangai Express

@Dr. Thohe Pou


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