The present politico-economic crisis: A harvest of 50 years of political indifference?


By: Kaka D. Iralu:    3 Nov. 2013

Whether we like it or not or whether we are aware of it, human beings are political beings and can never run away from that identity and responsibility. In my own case, I tried to run away from that identity and responsibility for 41 years of my life (1956-1997). I took up my pen and got involved only when my own life and that of my daughters were nearly snuffed out from crossfire in a fratricidal shoot out right in the middle of Kohima town in 1997. The above statement however is not an assertion that politics is the most important thing in life. Besides the many other responsibilities of life, I personally think that salvation and eternal life is the most important thing in life. But the inescapable fact of life is that even if one gets saved, one is not automatically transferred into heaven. Saved or unsaved, we still have to live our whole lives in a political world-Pastor, Reverends and Evangelists included!
When the political world in which we live is under oppression or anarchy- our family lives, social lives, economic lives and even religious lives are affected. Now, the present crisis in Nagaland is not a religious crisis. It is not at all a RELIGIOUS EMERGENCY. In my humble opinion, it is a political crisis that has led to an economic crisis. And here, I do not believe that a heavy dose of religious fervor or evangelistic crusades is going to solve either our political or economic problem. On the contrary, I believe that only a political solution will bring an end to our economic crisis.

Having stated that, let us now try to analyze what political crisis in our land has led to our present economic crisis. To be systematic in our analysis, let us first address the political crisis and then address the economic crisis that has resulted from it.

1. The Political crisis:
The Naga political world burst aflame in 1955 when 53,000 Indian troops invaded Nagaland on the false claim that Nagas are Indians and Nagaland is Indian Territory. The then inhabitants of Nagaland who were our grandparents and parents most nobly and honorably took up the defense of our lands from this foreign invasion. Most of these defenders of our land were uneducated peasants and farmers. They died in their hundreds and thousands. As for the few educated among these generation, they opted for a State within the Indian Union and settled down as Ministers and bureaucrats. Their sons and their daughters followed in their footsteps and are today, our Ministers and Bureaucrats. Other educated Nagas like me also did more or less the same thing. We all turned our backs to the national crisis and desperately tried to build our own economic futures. We left the fighting and the defending to a few dedicated national workers who had to slog it out in the jungles until 1997.
Tragically, among these dedicated national workers, the more educated among them, split the defense and the struggle into 7 splinter groups.

2. The resulting Economic Crisis:
As the general Naga public turned their backs and tried to evade this political crisis that had overtaken their history, their indifference ultimately led to the present economic crisis. Some 10% (Perhaps) of the Naga population tremendously benefited from both the State enterprise as well as the Naga national enterprise. These ten percent Nagas became corrupt “State” as well as “National” millionaires from the political crisis that had hit the Naga nation. Those on the State side carried on a semblance of law and order business but could not check even skyrocketing prices of basic essential commodities not to talk of real development in road constructions, water supply or even electricity. (Even after 50 years of statehood, the writing of my present article has been interrupted twice due to power failure in the capital)
On the other hand, besides massive accumulation of wealth by some national workers in the name of Naga nationalism, the national struggle even went overseas which necessitated huge finances to maintain all these foreign offices. The result was an UNABATED eight parties- 1State and 7 national- taxation on every Naga citizen that is today threatening to squeeze the very life out of the nation. As stated in the beginning, even at the end, I still believe that the present crisis is an economic crisis which was caused by a political crisis. The crisis has developed to its present dangerous situation because some of us exploited the political crisis while the majority of us were indifferent to it.

Now, as this political and economic panoramic mess stares back at you, where do you find yourself in the picture? Please don’t say, “I can’t find myself anywhere”. Please don’t say that, because this is not a foreign picture but our own picture staring back at us. NPN


2 thoughts on “The present politico-economic crisis: A harvest of 50 years of political indifference?


    NTC and ACAUT can be a good platform to start Nagas’ Unity and Naga People Mass Movement (NPMM) IF: some of the prominent LEADERS and Facebookers stop trying to implicate the other Nagas as supporter of only one faction, stop considering other Nagas as less Naga, consider all the Nagas as one, focus only on the main issues, and work for Nagas’ Unity.

    NTC may be there. ACAUT may be there. Taxation may be reduced, or there may be only one Taxation, but Naga faction will remain the same next many years UNLESS there is Naga People Mass Movement and solve the Naga Political Problem. And tomorrow again you may say, “this taxation is too high”. Lowering tax or paying only to one Government may be a temporary pain relieve for some of the Government employees and businessmen, but this is not the end of suffering from taxation, threat, oppression or whatever you called it.

    The ultimate solution will come only if the Naga Political Solution comes. And this Naga Political Solution may come only if the Naga People are UNITED and start the NPMM. Let the Naga public with their prominent leaders (tribal Hoho) and factional leaders decide the Naga’s future or what the Naga people want today – sovereignty or whatever the Naga leaders and public decide for the good of the Naga people.

    Paying tax to one Government and lowering taxation would definitely help to breathe better for the Nagas. However, I want to look beyond this temporary relieve which will haunt us back shortly without solving the Naga political problem. Our present leaders need to be more foresighted and think for the Naga younger generation by helping to solve the Naga Political solution instead of trying to bring little relieve to their generation by lowering or paying tax only to one Government.

    If you think that Naga public have the voice and they can do it, the Naga public leaders should start uniting the Naga people and then bring the factional leaders to reconcile and unite. Which will be easier to unite – the Naga public or Naga factional leaders? The Naga leaders may need to study on this aspect and try to bring together the Naga people.

    We the Nagas need NTC and ACAUT kinds of organisation to fight against the corruption, illegal taxation, extortion and to work for the development in Naga dominated areas. HOWEVER, IT SHOULD NOT COMPROMISE the unity of the Naga people. Sometime, the public may simply follow their leaders and the organisation like NTC and ACAUT need to work systematically, professionally, tactfully, intellectually and diplomatically with the public support without compromising the unity of the Naga people.

    Today, it is the time for the Nagas to reason together, move forward together, work together and see beyond our own family, village, tribe and state. However, if we continue to think and see only for our families, village, tribe and state, the Naga people will continue to suffer many more years regardless of any state or country they live.


    The Nagas’ problem is like a blood cancer. But many Doctors (prominent civil Naga leaders) diagnosed this blood cancer as high Blood Pressure (BP) only and they want to give medical prescription to reduce the BP. And many patients (Naga public) assume (see) this blood cancer as high Blood Pressure (BP) only as they trust their Doctors.

    However, Nagas problem is no just a high BP problem and need to do surgery and remove the blood cancer. Are we expecting a blood cancer patient to recover fully by taking medicine only? Never! Never! The Doctors are working on. The patients are willing to be healed. AND let us hope and pray that God may give wisdom to our Naga doctors to diagnose immediately the real sickness that is causing to the Naga public and do surgery.

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