One Govt. One Tax in Nagaland

Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) is the way to ‘One Government and One Taxation’. However, one thing I cannot understand how some of the Nagas are going to dictate forcefully the Naga underground to pay only Tax and form a Government. Will the Naga underground surrender or accept to your dictation?

120 Nation Member Bodies of the Baptist World Alliance

120 Nation Member Bodies of the Baptist World Alliance

Why don’t we support the FNR, have dialogue (consultative meeting) and go Naga public rally instead of trying to forcefully implement ‘One Government and One Taxation’? The FNR would have been working more smoothly and successfully if the whole Naga leaders support them by leaving your own egos. We know that 120 Baptists Church from 120 Nations support and pray for the Naga Reconciliation, and this successful reconciliation would be “One Government and Tax” but our Naga leaders have their own egos.

Which Naga underground faction is going to listen to your demand or dictation without reconciliation? The concept of One Govt. & One tax may be good. Every Naga would love to pay only one tax to one Government. However, but it will be no successful if you become another dictator on this aspect. If some of the Naga public support ACAUT or One Govt. One Tax does not means that the strategies of your movement is on the right track. It is just a momentary and emotional agitation and this emotional agitation will soon vanish from the mind of the people as their leaders are too shortsighted and too emotional.

However, if their leaders cool down and changed their strategies and see from different perception, it may be possible to work out successfully. One should not forget that the taxation problem or other problems are not only to a family or tribe or state. Everyone feels the burden of multi-taxation but this problem cannot be solved by emotional agitation without proper channel and strategies. @Thohe Pou



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