TPO calls for Naga unity and understanding

Chizokho Vero Senapati | November 1 2013

Expressing belief in the common Naga aspiration to become a people and a nation, the Tenyimi People’s Organization (TPO) today resolved to continue to support the search for an early settlement of the Indo-Naga political issue, which will be workable honorable and acceptable.

Resolving this at its 20th general conference held here today, the TPO stated that it will work cohesively for better understanding and unity amongst the Nagas living in different parts of the world.

It affirmed to respect and honour the TPO’s ancestral history beginning with the first and the final dispersal place of the Tenyimi brothers at the legendary wild pear tree at Makhel. It further avowed to preserve and maintain traditional cultures and costumes and to encourage the enrichment of Tenyidie and Tenyimi dialects.
The TPO resolved to continue research into the origins of “our oral history handed down to us from our ancestors.” Further, it resolved to support and cooperate with the Naga Hoho. It was further resolved that the Timikha Koza will now head the new team of the Tenyimi People’s Organization (TPO) as President.

We are Tenyimi by blood and not by choice: Dr Shurhozelie
Gracing the conference as the chief guest, Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu, President Ura Academy and President Naga People’s Front said TPO is a body to work for the welfare of Tenyimi family, to strengthen family ties among the different constituent units and to protect the common interest of Tenyimi people.

Of late, he said, some people have become critical of the Tenyimi family. “This may be because of fear or jealousy. They interpret and think in such a way that Tenyimi is a union of many different tribes. But Tenyimi is a natural family institution and it is not a union. We are Tenyimi by blood and not by choice,” he added.

Dr. Liezietsu said that Tenyidie was introduced into college level in 1988 and slowly upgraded to degree and honours level and finally introduced it in the Nagaland University in 1977 as a discipline.

“We are also preparing to set up one B.Ed College for which preparations are almost completed,” he said adding that Ura Academy has been fighting for inclusion of Tenyidie in Schedule VIII of the Indian Constitution. He added that language cannot be imposed on others and is to be accepted willingly and voluntarily. “Therefore, I leave it to your wisdom to think seriously and asses carefully how development of a language can strengthen the root of a people,” he said.

TPO committed to work for unity and harmony: TPO Prez
TPO president Keku Zeliang said TPO is committed to work for unity and harmony of the people and to take the Tenyimi people forward in every aspect. He said TPO comprise of 10 fraternal units: Angami, Zeliangrong, Chakhesang, Rengma, Pochury, Mao, Poumai, Maram, Thangal and Inpui. TPO units are spread across the three states of Nagaland, Manipur and Assam. “The uniqueness of the Tenyimi fraternity is that the same ancestral blood flows in our veins even though we may be known by different names at the present age,” he stated. MExN


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