NSCN (K) warns other Naga political groups

M.I.P, NSCN/GPRN.:    10 Nov. 2013

The NSCN under the ablest leadership of SS.Khaplang strongly warns other Naga political groups to be cautious while expressing political words. The warning is mainly on Isak-Muivah group for their anti-Naga attitudes and actions whose main target is to annihilate other Naga political groups. This group signed ceasefire agreement with G.O.I during 1997 not for anything other than to destroy the NSCN (K). The GOI approached the NSCN (K) for ceasefire at least two to three times during 1995-1996 which NSCN turned down only on the condition that, there should be consensus among the Nagas before dealing with either G.O.I or Myanmar govt. Thus the NSCN took heavy risk of attending Atlanta peace meeting convinced by American Baptist Church during 1997.
As a matter of fact, the Isak-Muivah group was at the verge of extinction after the arrest of all their Kilonsers and Workers by Indian security forces in Bangladesh border and else where which compelled them to accept ceasefire term with G.O.I. The only Choice that haunted the Isak-Muivah group is to accept either Atlanta peace talk of 1997 or ceasefire term with G.O.I. Even the G.O.I also played the divisive role during that period of time by offering ceasefire to Isak-Muivah group mainly to refrain from attending Atlanta peace talk of 1997.Had I-M participated in the said peace talk at Atlanta instead of accepting G.O.I offered ceasefire ,the political situation of Naga country could have been a different history.

After the signing of ceasefire agreement with G.O.I, Mr.V.S.Atem the then chief of the Army staff of I-M group entered into most devastated military pack with Maj.Gen Nanavadi, the then core commander of Rangapahar Military HQ and began to launch (I-M & Assam Rifles) join operation against NSCN (K) which compelled NSCN to sign Cease Fire pact with G.O.I, the history of which could be told by anybody and the NSCN can have even press conference in this regards.

The entire situation became complete hostile under the joint operation of Assam Rifles and I-M group promted the NSCN to sign ceasefire agreement with G.O.I to save the situation and not for talk as G.O.I clearly stated that, there will be no issue of sovereignty or integration. The NSCN under the leadership of S.S.khaplang never concern for the present cease-fire as nothing will come up and hence the question of “Law of land” or Indian constitution is hardly arise. The NSCN time and again stated that, any time anything may happen in regards to cease-fire with G.O.I if the latter fails to understand who the Nagas are.


The NSCN demands from Isak-Muivah group as to when the Naga people gave their mandate for I-M solution? Even if any solution comes, it will not be Naga solution, it will be purely I-M solution and it will be nothing to do with Naga politics. The Naga people should be aware of what I-M is playing their hidden agendas with G.O.I and time has come for the Naga people to come forward to tell the I-M group as to why they should continue talks with G.O.I while the latter rejected both sovereignty and integration.
The I-M group should either stop talks or surrender before G.O.I. The said group who are no more fighting for Naga sovereignty has no right to collect taxes from Naga country and ACCAUT should not be afraid of half surrendered group. The NSCN strongly warns G.O.I that, any solution with I-M group will be a mockery and miserable failure because they have been abandoned by the Nagas. Hence, the NSCN advised Naga people to be bold and brave to face any situation if NSCN is compelled to abrogate present cease-fire with G.O.I unless New Delhi change their motive and attitude towards the Nagas by dealing them in international standard. NPN


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