Taxation For Naga Political Cause: NSCN (IM)

Who will save the Naga nation? Is it the adversaries or the national principle which will save the Naga nation? This question makes no sense to those who have no concern for the kind of existence the Naga people must have. But for men of mission, this is most decisive and crucial and to him life has meaning. The competency of men to prove oneself the way one should be must be realized together.  Right and wrong, good and evil, friend and foe, freedom and slavery exist on this earth and the question is to whose account they shall be?  The way of life and the way of death are therefore set before us leading into two different worlds, and the fight is between them. Neither can we be neutral on this account meaning we cannot be both at the same time. Whichever way we turn out to be is to become a contributing factor to the defeat of other.
The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) is ever ready and even more willing to reason and understand together with the Naga people at all times and see no confusion before us as long as everyone stride unbeaten in the national principle. Every Naga must embrace on this line of political thinking, for to us Naga freedom (Nagalim) is sacrosanct. The door of NSCN is wide opened to all.
NSCN never doubts the unflinching supports rendered by the Naga people including payment of taxes. We have done the best we could to streamline the policy of taxation by issuing order from the Ato Kilonser “Rules and Guidelines for protection of the general public against illegal tax” dated 14/06/2013 and we will all the more try to understand our people.
Nobody wants to be taxed. Even animals don’t want to share their food with other fellow animals and that is one of the many common characteristic shared between humans and animals. However, human beings being superior and different from other animals; think and reason out to be the ruler of this planet with certain set of standard and governance which requires contributions and involvement to achieve goals and aspirations. Paying tax is but giving allegiance to the government program and policies.
Taxation is imposed mainly for the following reasons:
•    To show loyalty to NSCN authority and legitimacy.
•    To sustain our movements and achieve Naga political solution through Peace process, mobilizing of supports and solidarity across the world.
•    To feed and supply basic requirements for thousands of standing NSCN cadres.
•    To protect the rights of the Naga people and her territory occupied and divided by India and Burma.
The burden caused due to various groups collecting taxes and the cry of the Naga people to unify at the earliest is well acknowledged and that should be the way. It is for this very reason that NSCN has encouraged the FNR to work out the possibility since the very beginning of its inception. We have followed the path of reconciliation with utmost sincerity till today and we will continue to embark on the principle of “unity and reconciliation” based on the principle of “historical and political rights of the Nagas”. Yet, it is also true that the path to reconciliation is not easy and smooth as we dearly wish it should. Reconciliation cannot take place when “sell out peace” failed to face the truth and move forward; when enemies are harboured and given a safe haven; when certain group failed to see beyond the Indian state Nagaland. However, we will remain steadfast to our commitment to reconcile and unite and continue to explore every possible ways to realize this vision.
NSCN is the only Government manning the entire Naga boundary with regional offices and staff in every Naga district; Brigades and Battalion spread out throughout Nagalim to protect and safeguard the rights of the Naga people and her territory. Hundreds of our forces are in Alee Command and in various foreign countries for mobilization and sensitization purposes. Peace process has been going on since 1997 and more than eighty three rounds of talks have been held in different part of the world. Socio-Cultural promotion and political activism through different channel has been continuing constantly. Various coordination offices are established across the world. Also NSCN is a member of quite a number of international bodies having obligation to contribute and support. Taxations as levied from Nagalim are used for the above stated reasons besides many classified areas of investment. Therefore it is very unfair on the part of some speakers and writers questioning taxation by NSCN and using derogatory language and terminology. Though we will never claim perfection while executing our national interest yet fairness and some decency are expected from those who speak and write. Rather you should have the guts to question those who TAXED YOU AND DO NOTHING in the name of Naga political cause! Those who continue to silently tax under the shadow are nothing but illegitimate collector and the tax payer should note this.
NSCN has always been and will always listen to the voice of the Naga public as we know better as to how we have come together this far through peoples support and prayer. Omission and commission on our part while carrying out the national interest cannot be denied. It is a testing time for all of us to understand and reason out together! But the bottom line is we should never compromise nor let any suspicious environment come close to or disturb the blood soaked “Indo-Naga Peace Process”. If any organisation, groups or Committee could fathom and respect our sensitivity on this particular subject then the space for discussion on any matter are without limits. When ACAUT approached us for discussion on the matter of unabated taxation, we warmly welcome them, and had a couple of healthy discussion in Council Headquarters, Hebron  and most importantly we listened to every of their grievances and thus come out with our own Guidelines on the matter of taxation which was widely published in all the leading newspaper in Nagaland and neighbouring states!  If at all there had been any discrepancy or negligence while implementing/executing the said Guidelines, they should have come back to us and settle it! Instead they choose to play in the high gallery with some big mouth and tried to reduce the Naga political issue into some cheap taxation issue, projecting and defaming the Naga freedom fighters as greedy money mongers; this is the crux of the present commotion which is not acceptable to us!
NSCN bashing in the print media and social networking site like facebook  (The Naga Blog) has crossed all limits without any editing/monitoring from the creators of such blog; this is also unfortunate. Many of our Naga youth seems to have forgotten that we are still in the revolutionary period and exercising certain level of restraint is the best policy for the struggling people like us. Nobody is hurt by throwing mud in the facebook but ultimately the Naga issue. The active net users amongst the Naga youth could be more productive if instead of negative campaign; constructive ideas are shared and discussed.
Freedom from all bondage is what NSCN ultimately sought for. However, we must be realistic in pursuing such lofty target. NSCN doesn’t define freedom, democracy, justice, rights and liberty, socialism etc at our whims and fancy but in consonance with the universal standard and acceptance in conformity with the Naga polity. Those with reason will concur that NSCN has practiced the maximum level of tolerance on the matter of “freedom of speech and expression” if we with all fairness and justice examine how our own people are exercising uncontrolled liberty in the social networking site; unconstructive and unhealthy propaganda devoid of any substance or vision are discussed and hurled upon us without any compunction. Yet, NSCN silently bear the brunt hoping that things will change for good! We are well aware and so are the rest of the net users of how the enemy has intruded even in the virtual world to shape and change the mind of the Naga youth in their own liking. They come today in support of the emotion and argue for division and enmity but only to leave us in permanent chaos and difficulties. The youth must stand down from becoming the tools of the enemies. The nation needs you more than anything. The fight for rights and freedom should not be limited in what NSCN can do but what Naga people can do in every fields. Let us always reason and understand together. May God bless and guide the Naga nation and her people to the bright future that awaits us. MExN


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