The company of perishing

M.I.P, NSCN/GPRN.:    11 Nov. 2013

Onetime Hercules leaders Mr. Khole & Mr. Kitovi misused some of the promising Naga young fighters to the world of perishing. The hosts of the workers in Khehoi camp under the influence of two perishing leaders has no choice but to perish with two perishing men. The said two leaders were moons and stars in the world of Naga politics when they were in NSCN (K) but now on the verge of perishing.
The Naga political struggle began with sovereignty and it will end with sovereignty where India’s version can never be applicable in the case of Naga country. Mr. Khole & Mr. Kitovi became the lost couple when the duo stood against NSCN (K), (the mother of all revolutionary groups of Indian sub-continent). The state of Nagaland had been created at the cost of Naga sovereignty movement by vested interested group of people aimed at bringing full stop to the Naga people movement for sovereignty but miserably failed which directly taught an invincible lesson to mighty India. The Naga sovereignty movement can not be misconstrued as 16 tribe Nagaland state movement but this movement itself displayed to the world the desire of the Eastern Nagas of present Myanmar, Nagas from Indian state of Manipur, Assam-North Cachar hill, Arunachal Pradesh districts of Longding, Tirap and  Changlang to become a country. This desire is immortal and remains to stay till Nagaland is freed from the yoke of aggressors.

The state of Nagaland was created confined to only 16 tribes against the wishes of the Nagas, then what is left for Khole & Kitovi to have another settlement for 16 tribes? The desire of 16 tribes was fulfilled by 16 point agreement of 1963 and nothing left for Khole & Kitovi. The only option left for these two gentlemen is to surrender before Nagaland state government and choose their professions as per their choice to which the NSCN has no objection.
These two gentlemen should regret for what they are now and praye for other able fighters instead of attacking and kidnapping  and made them Indian dogs to be confined in Khehoi who has no business other than collecting illegal taxes from Dimapur only to bulge their stomach and yet acting as freedom fighters before the innocent Naga public. The NSCN (K) has no problem at all under any circumstances and will continue to fight for the restoration of Naga sovereignty from the hands of aggressors (India & Myanmar). When Khole & Kitovi, publicly announced that, they are for package solution within Nagaland state then why should they collect taxes from the Naga people in the name of sovereignty?.

One more advise to Khole and Kitovi that, so many blood have been shed for Naga sovereignty. Hence, it will not be so easy as two of you think to betray and cheat the Naga nation for your package solution. Moreover, as you have committed for Naga reconciliation, be committed leaders rather than minimizing the committed Naga youth who bravely stood for Naga sovereignty and continue satanic business of kidnapping and attacking the Naga patriots. NPN


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