Appeal to business community of Dimapur and elsewhere

By: Khekiye K. Sema Ias (Rtd), Forest Colony, Kohima

ACAUT has begun an honourable task of addressing a gigantic issue against “Multiple taxation”, “unabated taxation”, “Syndicate taxation” etc. that has had a crippling impact on all the business houses and all the consumers alike in Nagaland. This deadly cancer is an affliction all are suffering across the board and we need to fight this with everything we’ve got. It is here that this  appeal is being made to all the conscientious and responsible business community members of Dimapur and elsewhere to consider coming forward to liberally support the cause with your financial contribution.

Understand that ACAUT members are a bunch of brave young dreamers without any stable income source and without any selfish intent. Their strength lies in their belief that all of us deserves a better life than what we have. They have dared to stand for what is JUST, despite the threats. The task ahead is not an easy one. We have miles to go before we see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Though they have sustained this movement with their own limited resources thus far they need all the help they can get to go a step further. They need to keep up the momentum to generate Dimapur like public rally in all the Districts to create awareness and endorsement. Other important agendas are also on the anvil.

Please do not neglect and demean their efforts by making them beg you for contribution. However much they may believe in the validity of this just cause, they would perhaps prefer to quietly fade away than beg you, because such a movement cannot be sustained for long without financial support. If each of you believe that this is a worthy cause, lift up this burden as you own and HELP THEM AS BEST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.

Understand that I am not a member of ACAUT but I strongly believe that they are on the right path towards a more saner, fairer future and each of us who believe this must do our share with courage and honour. I am trying to do my bit by creating this awareness which no one else would want to do. Remember Dimapur rally! Remember, no change can happen without our doing! PLEASE BE A DOER! ACAUT NEEDS YOU! YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE! YOU CAN MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE! -NPN


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