From a third Party Observer’s views on ACAUT

I think the concept, the philosophy and ideas of Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT)  is good. However, I personally believe that we cannot extinguish ‘a fire’ by ‘a fire’. I think, EVERYONE likes the ideas of ACAUT and I also appreciate the leaders behind – the architectures of ACAUT.

Who wants to pay tax? (if possible I do not want to pay any tax) Who wants to pay multi-taxation? Who wants to pay at gun point when the extortionists come to your house? 100% people will say a big “NO”.

Then, why many of the Nagas are skeptical on ACAUT?

1. The ACAUT’s strategy is lacking to embrace the whole Naga people. (Illegal taxation, extortion, multi-taxation is not just a problem of a family, village, tribe or a state; problem is also not involved by a single or particular faction – it includes all the factions)

2. The ACAUT may need to go back to the initial stage and follow step by step. (Talk first to all the Naga factional leaders and secondly, give awareness or educate the public first)

3. Free from any political links or with any other organisation which will hinder the Naga National Movement. (this is only incase if there is any political link or having link with any other organisations; help the pubic to know the true and pure intention of the ACAUT, let the public and factional leaders free from their skeptical or suspicious mind)

4. The ACAUT can work together with all the factional leaders through peaceful dialogues instead of directly going with public rally again against the national workers. (if the ACAUT has already had a dialogues with all the factional leaders, and if the factional leaders opposed the ACAUT’s appeal, the public need to give support the ACAUT movement and go public rally).

@Dr. Thohe Pou /23.12.13


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