Sema public against relentless NSCN-IM

By: Dr. Walunir.:    3 Jan. 2014 2:08 AM IST

 It is difficult to understand the cause of the intense mob fury of Semas and the relentless and stubborn counter-resistance of NSCN-IM cadres at Mukalimi. It is also impossible to associate the widespread infectious anger only with the incident of molestation and assaultby brutal NSCM-IM cadres.

This incident is just a matchstick to the hay-stack of prolonged bent up public anger against many discursive practices of Naga Nationalism, Nagaland State politics and Naga Civil Society. This is the plight of every sensible Naga.
Tribalism, Naga nationalism and Nagaland state politics are intricately related. This relationship is dubious in many instances which otherwise are tantamount to the survival of all of the three.
Many a times, different untoward practices in Naga socio-political arena emanate in the self-interest of leaders beyond the vigilant eyes of public. As an instance, some political leaderstake the aid of ‘nationalist’ outfits during elections to come into political power.
Once they rise to power and fame they pay-back at the cost of general public, and the entire political-bureaucratic machinery becomes paralyzed, thereby, slackening developmental activities in the state. No doubt they also engage in eye-wash talk against extortion and taxation and inter-tribal killings of nationalist outfits to win public sympathy.
In fact, the state assembly has not enunciated any substantial measureto check the multidimensional heavy taxation carried out by the outfits on public servants and businessmen. Who gave the ‘nationalists’, especially the NSCN-IM, such an unquestioned sway in Nagaland? Who gave patronage in setting up Mukalimi designated NSCN-IM Camp and other such camps all over Nagaland? The answers are many but the obvious is clear and undebatable.
Naga civil society hasputthe fate of Nagas in the hands of NSCN (IM). Evidently,our apex Civil Society organizations cower in silence, as the society broils and wrench under oppression. Their silence is deafening as though they are dead scared of voicingthe truth against anti-people acts.
At the most there are one paragraph condemnations and rejoinders in the newspapers. Obliquely, their muteness enhances the courage of the perpetrators to openly conduct crime. The worse is when the general public and individuals start to induce muckraking based on tribal lines further reducing our collective strength to resist any vices against us.
Is it a Sema-NSCN-IM clash after all?  At such times as these, it should not translate to a single entity like ‘Ao War’, ‘Sema War’, ‘Angami War’, etc. Semapublic at Mukalimiis fighting a faceless enemy on behalf of the Naga public. But our enemies are not just the NSCN-IM camped at Mukalimi.
The deaths and casualties at Mukalimi will not solve the persistent decade old wrongs of Naga Nationalism and State Politics. Our anger should be redirected towards the right target through alternative means.
Intervention by bureaucrats and political leaders at the scene of action is important but they should think of long term solution to plight of general Naga public. Naga tribal Hohos should rise up to the stature of Naga parental organization – send ordinance to the Naga nationalist headquarters to disarm with immediate effect; constitute public committee to legislate ‘Code of Conduct’ of ‘Naga Nationalist Workers’ and ‘Naga Army’.
State legislature should pass ‘Criminal Act’ on ‘Illegal Taxation’ and empower State Armed Force to execute it in truth and in spirit. Naga civil society should weed out nexus of Nagaland politics and Naga Army – the secret ties and allegiances of politicians with underground outfits and personnel should be cut off.
Every sensible Naga should defend their rights, libertyand justice in Nagaland beyond the symbolic borders of tribalism. These are only a few of the many prospective alternative measures. Till then, cancerous discursive practices of Naga nationalism and politics will engulf Nagaland and innocent Nagas will clash and die while real culprits remain complacently safe. -NPN

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