Hurdles in Naga political talks

By: NSCN (K) MIP kilonser Y. Wangtin Naga:    4 Jan. 2014

My constant study on Naga political situation painfully led me to the conclusion that, the Naga people lost their way, becoming wilderness and plunged into political chaotic, likely to commit another political suicide. The Naga political movement began with great hope of achieving sovereignty which have gone in right track up to 1960 till Naga people convention unilaterally signed 16th points agreement with India government and created present Nagaland state which committed irreparable political mistake in the history of the Naga political movement. Even in signing the said agreement, the Naga leaders failed to include all Naga families in newly created State which became great hurdle in NSCN-IM’s talk. Similar problem awaiting us in Naga districts of Tirap, Changlang and Longding of Arunachal Pradesh. The integration of Naga areas into a single administrative umbrella could have been done without any hindrances had our leaders seriously thought of when singing 16th points agreement which becomes hurdles today.

The second political mistake the Naga people have committed was signing of shillong Accord in 1975, by which the only political institution of that time NNC/FGN consciously surrendered Nagas’ right forcing SS.Khaplang, Th.Muivah and Isakswu to formed socialist government in the year 1980 which lasted only for 8 years due to our leaders overpowered by selfishness, arrogance and stubbornness. Their stubbornness and selfishness led the genuine movement to the world of fratricidal killings and murdering of thousands and thousands innocent Nagas.

The GOI ceasefire offering was rejected by NSCN (K) during 1995-1997 forcing the former to sign cease-fire deal with NSCN-IM in1997 without preparing what should be done for the inclusiveness of the Nagas. More over the NSCN-IM kept on threatening the GOI not to sign cease-fire agreement with any Naga group after which launching Assam Rifles nexus NSCN-IM operation against other Naga political groups followed by adopting open door policy by NSCN-IM. They also entrapped Naga Hoho to joint their chorus by shouting, ‘solution not election’ during 1998 only to pave the way for some Naga Hoho officials to become MLAs. The same Naga Hoho gone to the extent of shouting ‘solution first and then unification’ which gave birth to ENPO. The NSCN-IM talks was completely failed but continue to mislead the Nagas that, talks are serious and positive. On the part of GOI, every December was the cheating month to announce the Nagas that, Christmas gift would be Naga solution. And for the Th. Muivah, every talk was fruitful and progressing, yet nothing came out and will not come out anything. I am not trying to allege or malign Naga Hoho but only trying to draw their attention to the past activities, and lead the Nagas in the right track.

In the mist of such confusion, Khole and N.Kitovi blew heavy punches to the Nagas face by shouting for 16 tribes Nagas of Nagaland solution. To me even the creation of Nagaland state by 16th point agreement comprising only 16 tribes, leaving so many Naga families out side was a serious political blunder because it was mainly done to dwarf the Naga National movement for independence. The said two gentlemen (Khole and Kitovi) reduced their National outlook to the position of domestic status. The feelings of vengeance led us to the world of fratricidal killings and so called factional wars which is our own shame. We all talk about honorable and acceptable solution. Then what to we meant by honorable and acceptable solution when GOI ruled out sovereignty and integration? Shall we find honorable and acceptable solution minus sovereignty? If Naga people sought honorable and acceptable solution without sovereignty, then we are committing another political mistake. The only remedial to this problem can be found only when we come together and reason together.
When we retrospect the past history, there was no report or record where Naga publics gone against its National government but in 2002, the Ao community have gone too far against NSCN-K in Mokukchung districts HQ where NSCN-K workers houses and vehicles burnt down mercilessly followed by displacing of hundreds of Naga National workers. This incident seemed to me was highest crime ever committed by Naga civilians against its own national government. The NSCN-IM might have taken advantage of the situation of that point of time but it was symbolic challenge to the Naga national government. Today, the NSCN-IM was also haunted by similar ghost when Sumi publics decamped and displaced its camp and workers from Zunheboto districts which to me was also very unfortunate incident where Naga publics took laws into their hands and gone against Naga national workers. Whatever crimes the NSCN-IM cadres might have committed was also unfortunate, but action taken upon NSCN-IM was also beyond human comprehension. Now, who is to be blamed for our situation inviting humiliating condemnation? And who among us will stone the Samaria woman for her adultery when none of us is sinless ? Shall we all be blamed? I want our Naga national leaders to be far sighted whose thoughts and study goes beyond ordinary human being and overpower selfishness, arrogance and self pride.
I could foreseen that, the Naga national spirit for nationhood gone wither away and dried up day by day. Under such internal threats and external attacks, shall we continue our struggle? Is it not proper time for the Nagas either to stop our national struggle or re-affirm our commitment for our undisturbed sovereignty through national plebiscite? The Naga national workers have committed immeasurable crimes against our fellow Nagas, for which all Naga political groups should apology to the Naga publics. At the same time, the Naga publics should realize that, they have gone too far against the nation for few erring cadres. We cannot burry our past glory and its unmarked history. The Naga national movement was not against either India or any other countries. We are what we are and cannot surrender our rights and identity whatsoever under any circumstances. Let us burry our past bitterness and move forward to re-build our broken home which is one and only option for the Nagas.  NPN


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