Sumi and NSCN imbroglio

By: Kughaho Sumi:    4 Jan. 2014

Many of us might think that recent imbroglio of flushing out of NSCN (IM) from Zunheboto by the Sumi tribe was a result of the incidence that happened on 21st Dec. 2013 by NSCN (IM) Cadres but it was not. Nor was it a fight against the freedom fighters but was a “fight for justice”. Of late, many of our freedom fighters have somewhere, somehow lost the real meaning of being a “freedom fighter” and have started oppressing the defenceless publics; some to the extent of committing acts of terror and inhuman activities. The culmination of “fight for justice” was not merely because of an incidence but an eruption of pent up frustration by the public after numerous tyrannical acts by the undergrounds and their inability to control or justify those acts. To comply with the demands of the public to right the wrongs was ignored.


I remember the time when we the public used to go to church to fast and pray for our freedom fighters for their safety and well being. Today the irony is instead of doing so, many are ready to take up arms against them. It is getting late for our freedom fighters to retrospect on their activities over the past 10-15 years and see where they went wrong and how we can once again work together towards our common goal of freedom from foreign rule.

I sincerely hope and pray that this incidence will be an eye opener for the Nagas and the warring factions where machine guns and automatic rifles were no match with a few sporting rifles, shotguns, spears and daos when fought with unity. This flush out operation is the zenith of intolerance of public against the high handedness of the underground with tragic casualties on both sides. However, the Sumi public through unity won its “fight for justice” by flushing out the NSCN (IM). The result is clear that as long as the Nagas are divided into different warring factions, no group or faction can achieve honourable political solution.

ACAUT a mass based movement representing the public voice against multiple illegal taxation culminating into Public rally with the public turn out in tens of thousands defying the ban imposed with high handedness without listening the voice of the people whom they represent. Our freedom fighter has to learn a lesson that as long as they don’t join hand and take the public into confidence, walking together against our common enemy and as long as our Naga Political Groups continues their high handedness without revamping their image and action.

Today it was the Sumis but tomorrow it is going to be rest of the Nagas, who God forbid, will resort to arms. As mentioned earlier, the public once had deep respect for our freedom fighters and went the extra mile to contributing what they can towards our cause. Unfortunately, with rampant forceful extortion, our freedom fighters have drawn a huge gap between Nagas’ cause, the public and freedom fighters and it is high time that these matters are taken seriously. I hope that NSCN (IM) and the Sumis will soon come to table, settle their differences and work towards a better Nagaland. NPN

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