Chairman Isak Swu message to the Sumis

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!
My dear Sumi brothers and sisters I am writing this message to you in view of the untoward situation prevailing in our homeland today. We believe that human beings are not perfect but we also know that human conditions can be corrected. Right and wrong will occur not only today amongst us but in the midst of this, although it may take time, the correct assessment of all issues is a must. Justice is essential and required by the human society at all times.

The recent incident at Aghuyito village near Zunheboto town on December 21, 2013 was very unfortunate. We are for justice. We are serious and so a Kilonser Team’s Mission was dispatched but to our utter surprise, they were coerced to sign a paper under duress. We respect and welcome our people to understand together on any issues. But we cannot accept any forced imposition upon us and this is the only difference in our approach to a solution. We never blame the public but frenzy whipped up and fishing in the troubled water is what we cannot tolerate at any cost. We have never said the actions of our three errant cadres were right; neither denied nor justified it and accordingly after conducting thorough investigation punishment was meted out to them as per the Ahza of the Government.

Indeed it has taken a reasonable time to process the case in order to give a fair punishment. But notwithstandingall these efforts, the aftermath stand-off with our Sumi public and our cadres leading to abandonment of the designated Mukalimi Camp and the death of innocent public is regrettable. We are all the more trying to reason with our people on any issues at any time. What is there that the NSCN did not do to the three errant cadres? We have done the right thing because justice is given and so it is my earnest appeal to the Sumi brothers and sisters to exercise restraint so as to prevent any further unwanted situation. We will not remain a silent spectator when some leaders with vested interest, traitors and adversaries challenge the Nation. It is our bounden duty to defend the nation and our people from the enemies within and without.

Are the Nagas becoming stronger from this state of affairs? Never! Rather it has become a blessing for our enemy. What a folly! Therefore every sensible person must guard himself from being fooled or misguided by these treacherous elements and become a contributing factor to disgrace our sacred cause. We must be wise enough to see that we are not being trapped in the schemes of the enemy.

After the historical failure of the Naga National Council (NNC) to condemn the Shillong Accord of 1975, the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) was formed in 1980 having committed ourselves to protect our nation’s existence and to uphold this righteous cause. We are faithful to carry forward the pledge taken by the Naga people in the year 1951. Based on this we are negotiating with the Government of India (GoI) at the highest level, without pre-condition and in a third country. During the course of the negotiation the GoI officially recognized our “Unique history and situation” and agreed that the solution to the Naga issue would be based on that recognition. We have not committed any political mistakes thus far by the grace of God.

Our political struggle is steadfast journey towards its destination through the continuous support of the Naga people. History has not forgotten the sacrifices and contributions made by the Sumi people. The Sumi people are very much part of this proud history that has helped in shaping the destiny of the Nagas. There is no other honorable path apart from this. Let us see to it that no divisive elements disturb us from within. We are for the people and by the will of God we shall negotiate and bring about an honorable negotiated political settlement for the Nagas.

My dear Sumi brothers and sisters, we cannot falter during this decisive moment for the task entrusted upon us by the Naga people. Together we must defend the Naga nation from the enemy of different shades.

I am sending you this message on behalf of the Collective Leadership. May the good Lord bless and give all the wisdom and vision at this critical juncture of our history. -NPN

Isak Chishi Swu
National Socialist
Council of Nagalim


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