Sexual Harassment to Racialism

By Benjamin Gondaimei

The migration of North east youths to the Metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai etc are of various reasons. Different people who have given their statement to the News channels and who have written in the News Columns have given different reasons, of why North East youths go outside of their states. Among the reasons, the prominent cause or the reason for the youth to go outside of their states are; Search for Higher education, Livelihood and Militancy.

The youths who are in the mainland India has encountered various arbitrary treatment and harsh realities. NEIIM Conducted a survey in December 2012 out of which 89% of professional working in the Mainland India cannot give the names of eight states of North East India. Upon that Narendra Modi the Chief Minister of Gujarat spoke at the rally held in Imphal, India has got its Independence for more than 60 years and North East India is not booming in its potentialities.

The people from the North East India has been subjugated by the mainlanders, the mainlanders as according to the Times Now Debate through the voice of Rahul (Not Gandhi) view that “North eastern People have inferiority and victim complex” which is obnoxious and once uttered “attention deficit” which is terming the North Eastern as narrow outlook as xenophobia. Upon that Debate Binalakshmi Nepram asked who was the first lady of North East India to fight against the British and the answer is “I don’t know.” B. Nepram is emphasising on the neglecting version of treatment given by the centre to NE and to put the history of North east India in the educational syllabus.

Further, Alana Golmei, General Secretary of North East Support centre and Helpline said, in November 2013 alone she receives 30 complaints. In August 2012, we witness a large scale of North East people exodus especially from Bangalore. In January 2014 we have seen Nido Taniam from Arunachal beaten to death in Delhi. In 2014 again two Manipur women were beaten in full public view by the local goons in Delhi, and the latest demoniac rule came in the format of raping a 14 years old girl from Manipur. “Call a North Easterner a Chinky and be jailed for 5 years” the statement can be debated now which was said in the year 2012. Whether the statement was practical or of just mere slogan. Jamia Milia Islamia’s Centre for North East Studies conducted a policy research with National Commission for Women (NCW) and found that 60% of women who have moved to Metros have face harassment. In Delhi 81% of North East women have face harassment. A project by the North East Support Centre and helpline says, over 70% of 200,000 populations living in Delhi face various kinds of Humiliations, including rape, sexual harassment, molestation, rape and murdered. While even the BJP member Shusma Swaraj inavertedly insulted the NE people by calling “flat nose” which is a racial slur. North East Support Centre and Helpline in 2009 research reports said that 86% of North East people are discriminated. Another research said that, North East people are facing from sexual harassment to racial discrimination just because of their Mongoloid looks. The new trend of of plights is spreading fast and furious.

The rise of either regionalism or racialism can be tackled just only when Laws are enacted and is being use practically. Laws in India are merely enacted just for the sake of the high profile group and class. What is going wrong with our educational system, are our education based only on Plus and Minus. The imbuement of social etiquette and social ethics should be incultured through our educational subjects. In short, we say, our education is base on capitalism. The most worrisome pattern is the sluggy police walas. The police are not imbibed with the nature of charity and helping people who are different in looks. The police walas in the metros who mostly refuses FIR or taking action against the perpetrators have inculcate the genes of casteism and other being.

All the world religion speaks of Love and Peace. There is none religion that supports hatred and killings. But can we also quest ourselves; is India too diversified. Are the plights of North East people the result of force inclusion and indifferent attitude shown by the Indian leaders. As an North easterners we will have endless questions to the prevailing atrocities meted upon the NE people.

The states in North East have not developed to the standards of the rest of India and as a citizen of India, being a citizen have every rights to question like the coming of the Neo-Liberalisation, all the foreign companies; MNCs, TNCs who are involved in the process of mining, drilling, Dam projects, Nuclear projects, etc are given due importance and given proper security. The question lies, why the outsiders are more important than citizens of India. Comparing and contrasting the slewed arbitrary significance given to Irom Sharmila Vs Anna Hazare. North East states continue to bear the brunt of step-motherly treatment and neglects from the Centre.


LIFE is unfair Indeed

To the Government of India.

Please bring a permanent solution for the Naga people and let the Nagas also live peacefully and happily without: Fear – Multiple taxation – Extortion – killing etc. ENOUGH of killing in Naga inhabited areas.

ENOUGH of fearing the Naga Undergrounds. ENOUGH of fearing the Indian armies. ENOUGH of threat to the People. LIFE is unfair Indeed in this Naga inhabited areas. ENOUGH! Enough Please!!

And to the Naga undergrounds,

The leaves are falling one by one and counting . . . and ultimately everyone may say … ENOUGH means ENOUGH and that solution will be a dishonor solution though it may be a permanent solution. 

Wake up before all the leaves fall and dry up!

@Dr. Thohe Pou

NSCN-IM cadre beaten to death a Poumai Naga boy

The NSCN-IM cadre beaten to death a young Poumai Naga boy from Senapati in Manipur for forcefully taking a pair of chappals after arguing with the shopkeeper. The angry mob burnt the commodities of the shopkeeper who has reported to the NSCN.  In a brutal manner, the NSCN-IM cadres have beaten up to death a boy name Late Shepao belonging to Poumai tribe.

The angry mob burnt the commodities of the shopkeeper

The angry mob burnt the commodities of the shopkeeper

The NSCN-IM have terminated the cadres in response to the demand made by the public. It is reported that the angry mob in Senapati, Manipur have entered the NSCN-IM office’s at Senapati. But, all the NSCN-IM deserted the office for fear of life, but their stuffs are kept there are taken u

The angry burnt the furniture and others stuffs in the NSCN office's in Senapati Pic: Cornelius Lanah

The angry burnt the furniture and others stuffs in the NSCN office’s in Senapati Pic: Cornelius Lanah

p to be burnt at Senapati local ground in public views. 

It may be recalled that in December 21 incident triggered a mass resentment among the Sumi community, and the Sumi in Nagaland overpowered the NSCN-IM camp at Zhunheboto and flushed out all the NSCN-IM from Zhunheboto Distrtict, Nagaland.