It’s a special gift of God to mankind
Indefinable the woman in simple words
She is more beautiful than any other creatures
Deeper you go in, deeper meaning you find

Women a special creation

Women a special creation

She is incomparable with any other creatures
Her sacrificial love and patience never dies
Her noble character epitomizes God’s love and empathy
She eases everyone’s life
But her owns is untouched

She is suppressed and dominated by human tradition
She toils and sacrifices for other from dawn till dark
Yet no word of tiredness and anger whisper
Yet the world unrecognized and shows flippancy
She is indeed a special creation of God

Other human beings often complain her
But never once, did she ever complain
Her motherly love, compassion and understanding
Incomparable with any other love on earth
She is indeed a perfect creation of God

She deserves to receive the best gift on earth
No human being is as sacrificial as her
Except the woman, the special creation of God
Respect her and learn from her
For she is a special creation of God

(This poem was earlier published in Naga Women Union, Manipur, Magazine in 2005)
@R.B. Thohe Pou 2005


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