ACAUT condemns NPGs using ‘Nagaland for Christ’ for extortion

Dimapur, Mar 8 (NPN): Published on 9 Mar. 2014
Stating that “never has Christ been so much abused as in Nagaland today” with the use of the slogan ‘Nagaland for Christ’ by Naga Political Groups (NPGs), Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) Nagaland, rued that the “good intention” by “certain sections of our society” had been “completely eroded now”.
ACAUT media cell maintained, that instead of the slogan being used as a guide for Nagas to the next spiritual level and inspire them to live a “good Christian citizens”, the slogan instead, is synonymous with all the wrong kind of activities such as – unabated taxation, factional killings and mayhem.
ACAUT asserted that the hijack of the slogan and its misuse by the NPGs was a “gross distortion of our faith” and that the “silence of the church” on this issue was the prime reason why young Nagas have become “skeptical” of the Naga movement and the institution of the church.
ACAUT said it was amazing that NPGs collect tax with the “sacrosanct words stamped on the taxation slips and writing pads” while civil society was reduced to mute bystanders. Stating that the “sheer magnitude of this hypocrisy is not lost on many” ACAUT added it was a “staggering example of where we have faltered as a society”.
In the light of the above ACAUT Nagaland reiterated its rejection of the use of the slogan ‘Nagaland for Christ’ by the NPGs for legitimising their anti-people activities. ACAUT also condemned the “concerted attempt to legitimise” what were essentially illegal activities “by invoking divine sanction which is simply blasphemous”.
It also said NPGs issuing “tax demands under the cover of Nagaland for Christ is deemed anti-Naga”. Further ACAUT vehemently condemned the other practise of the NPGs in employing Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants(IBIs) for carrying out “their extortion activities” with ‘Nagaland for Christ’ printed in the “taxation slips”.
ACAUT said any other entity other than church using the slogan in non-spiritual matters profaned Christian faith and that using it for taxation activity was “nothing but anti-Christian and anti-people”. ACAUT urged upon the NBCC to “condemn such anti-Christian activity as blasphemy”.

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