Will Soso Lorho becomes the ultimate Nagas’ mandate candidate or sacrificial lamb in Manipur MP election?

Soso Lorho is supposed or should be the ultimate and the only mandate MP candidate for the Nagas in Manipur according to so called the Naga leaders in Manipur. And all the other candidates like:

1. Mani Charenamei
2. Prof. Gangmumei

NPF Flag

NPF Flag

3. Sword Vashum

are supposed to be the anti-Naga candidates or Nagas non-mandate candidates per the last election’s trends.

But interestingly two Naga non-mandate candidates (according to the Naga leaders) like Francis (Senapati District) and Gaikhangam (Tamenglong District) have become the Cabinet Minister in Manipur, while all the so called the pro-Naga candidates have become sitting or sleeping MLA in Manipur enjoying now only as the Chief Guest almost in every function or festival.

And more interestingly, some of the candidates were discouraged to contest in the election and ultimately they were lost in the election. Will the Naga leaders discourage this time the other candidates like in last Assembly and MP election? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then the other candidates will be considered as Nagas non-mandate candidates or anti-Naga candidates. If the answer is ‘No’ then the Naga politics is becoming more and more complicated as the rules and the laws (resolutions) keep changing and applies in different places (constituencies).

Indian Election in Naga inhabited areas have severely infected so many Naga leaders and common people due to some simple reasons, which every one knows. And now the Naga Politics has become so complicated and it is becoming quite difficult to understand the Naga politics.

Politics itself is not a dirty thing. But politics become dirty when we make dirty the politics. You may no like it this but Naga politics has become much more complicated after the Naga leaders have accepted the Indian Election and its electoral systems in Naga inhabited areas. The bitter truth!

‪#‎If‬ the Naga leaders continue to actively involve in Indian election and its politics, instead of bringing Nagas as one community, it may bring more hatred, jealousy, misunderstanding, grudges among the Naga people based on political parties and Naga UG factions.

‪#‎However‬, it may be good to know more and debates if there is any positive effects of Naga leaders strongly involving in Indian Election in Naga inhabited areas after 2000 AD. Nagas boycotted the Indian election in 1952 and the problem continued in Naga inhabited areas till the Nagaland State was formed in 1963.

@Dr. Thohe Pou

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