Will the Naga leaders come out from the swamp of Indian election and fight for Nagas’ rights to self-determination?

Hopefully, the Naga leaders will soon realize their own mistakes and if they do not realize their own mistakes and do not have the future visions through this EXPERIMENTAL WORK in Indian election. They will soon reap what they have sown.

Many of our leaders talks about the Nagas’ rights to self-determination but practically they are in the swamp of Indian politics. Let the common Nagas involve in Indian election and politics.

However, the Nagas leaders should avoid as far as possible from Indian politics and election, because this politics bring only more divisions, hatred, misunderstanding, threat of life and more importantly losing the visions and zeal to fight for Nagas’ rights to self-determination.

The Nagas leaders involving in Indian election with the Nagas mass to test the oneness of the Nagas have miserably failed today. The Naga mass do not failed their leaders but their leaders have miserably failed to embrace and help to bring together the Nagas for not implementing their rules and resolutions equally and uniformly in all the Naga inhabited areas or atleast in all the constituencies.

Nagas have a huge population and there will be obviously many capable MP candidates. Every Naga candidate is capable in one way or other ways, and you cannot ignore one or select the other one. However, it is possible to select or nominate one candidate only if the there is mutual understanding among the aspiring candidates.

And firstly, this mutual understanding among the candidates will come only when there is enough interaction among the leaders with the aspiring candidates in well advance. Secondly, there will be no opponent candidates, and even if there is opponent contender, he or she will be the loser.

However, this is really no happening with the Naga leaders who are nominating their candidate. In the name of Naga leaders, they will nominate someone, but if the public do not like and will no vote for him or her, it will bring more disgrace to their leadership, and also the unity of the Naga people will be questionable by the GOI and also by non-Nagas. For example, Kim Gangte and Thangso Baite won in last and previous MP election, while the Nagas are fighting among themselves.

If the Nagas leaders’ nominated candidate lost, the best excuse can be, ‘it is only a politics’ and wash their hands. We may be able to give lots of excuses and wash our hands, but you cannot give excuses to EVERYONE and wash others heart what is already planted in their heart by you.

My suggestion is:
Instead of the Naga leaders strongly involve in Indian dirty politics, let every candidate make a vow through writing to work for the Nagas before filling their nomination, and whoever win the election work for the Nagas. Sometime leaders do not need to run here and there to do the work, but only right command and right approach from sitting on the chair can be done the right work.

(c) Dr. Thohe Pou

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