The virus of Indian election infects the Nagas

Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou.: 21 Mar. 2014 2:03 AM IST

The Nagas have declared Independence on 14th August 1947. In 1952, the Nagas boycotted the District Council scheme for the Naga Hills District, and the first general elections of India and Myanmar. However, the Indian armies came to Naga Hills in 1956 and subjugated the Naga Hills. It is said that, the government of India worked very hard deploying efficient Intelligence personnel since mid 1950s to create some autonomous administrative scheme for the Nagas to integrate them into the system of the Indian union. This secret mission by the government of India in the Naga Hills was well recorded by the Intelligence personality Mr. B.N. Mullick himself who is the brain behind the creation of Nagaland state. (Mullick 1972).

After the formation of Nagaland State in 1963, the Indian election went on in Naga Hills without affecting much the innocent Nagas. But after the Ceasefire – commencing from 2009 Lok Sabha election, the situation in Naga Hills have changed. Lok Sabha election in 2009 was the beginning of Nagas disunity mainly in Nagaland and Manipur. This election has brought enormous disunity and disintegration among the people; fought between the supporters of different political parties, threatening, warning etc were recorded. Manipur State Assembly election in 2012 has become more problematic and widen the gap among the Naga people based on political parties and Naga factions. Nagaland State Assembly election in 2013 had also more widen the gap and misunderstanding among the people. Before the 2009 MP election, there was more unity among the people, but now the situation is totally different.

Some of the Naga Political Group (NPG) and civil leaders try to make new rules and the resolutions during the election and it should have been implemented uniformly in all the Naga inhabited areas. But this is not happening in our land. To work together as one community or one people towards Naga political solution may be appreciable. But in the name of working together as one Naga community – it has brought more divisions, hatred, rivalries and disunity among the people. Indian election in Naga inhabited areas is one of the important attributes of Nagas’ disunity and disintegration from their binding force of Naga as one community. For the interest of the whole Naga peoples’ unity, our Naga leaders need to be more circumspective otherwise it will bring more divisions, rivalries, hatred and misunderstanding among the Naga people. All the Nagas who are fighting for Nagas’ Rights to Self-determination and wanting an honourable political solution may be advisable not to involve in Indian election unless you want to bring a possible political solution within the frame work of Indian Constitution through Indian election.

First, even if some of the Naga leaders are losing hope to get Nagas’ Right to self-determination, it would be much better to demonstrate our rejection and reluctant to participate in Indian election as a sign of our demand for Nagas’ Right to Self-determination outside the frame work of Indian Constitution instead of happily and strongly involved in Indian election and living like a parasite.

Secondly, it would be much better if some of the Nagas leaders do not bring divisions, misunderstanding, hatred, rivalries among the Naga people through their active campaigning and participating in State Assembly or MP election. Political election is a competition between 2 or 3 political parties and obviously there will be always competition, rivalries and misunderstanding between the different political parties, and the leaders involving in political election will bring more misunderstanding among the common people based on the political parties or factionalism.

Will some of the Naga leaders come out from the swamp of Indian election and fight for Nagas’ Rights to Self-determination? Some of the Naga leaders may need to realize their own mistakes for involving in Indian election, and if they do not know realize and have visions through this EXPERIMENTAL WORK in Indian election – they may soon reap what they have sown. Some of our leaders talks about the Nagas’ Rights to Self-determination but practically they are in the swamp of Indian politics. If some of the Naga common people want to involve in Indian election and politics, let them involve.

However, the Nagas leaders are unexpected to involve in Indian politics and election, because this politics bring only more divisions, hatred, misunderstanding, threat of life, freedom of expression. And more importantly many Nagas are losing their visions and zeal to fight for Nagas’ Rights to Self-determination by participating in Indian election with some Naga leaders. Some of the Nagas leaders involving in Indian election with the Nagas common people to test the ONENESS of the Nagas have miserably failed today. The Naga mass do not failed their leaders but their leaders have miserably failed to embrace and help to bring together the Nagas for different reasons. In the name of Naga leaders, some of the Naga leaders may try to nominate a Naga candidate, but if the public do not like to vote for him or her, it will bring more disgrace to their leadership capability, and also the unity of the Naga people will be questionable by the GOI and also by non-Nagas.

Instead of Naga leaders involving in Indian dirty politics, let every individual candidate voluntarily work for the Naga people, and the Naga leader may strictly monitor on all the candidates to work for the welfare and unity of the Naga people. The Naga leaders have every right to advise or warn any Naga candidate who are working against the Naga people or any kind of corruption or malpractices. But for the concern Naga leaders who want to bring the Naga political solution outside the framework of the Indian Constitution may no need to involve in dirty Indian political election till the Naga political solution comes. It is observed that if the Nagas leaders only monitor without directly involving in State election or Lok Sabha election: firstly, it may bring more unity among the Naga people. Secondly, the Naga people may continue to stand for their Rights to Self-determination by avoiding in participating in Indian election.