Our future will be decided together in the Naga family

The challenge for the “Advanced Nagas” is to see and accept their mistakes, learn from them and play their roles better. This was stated by Kevino Kuotsu, speaking at the first conference of the Tangshang Naga Students’ Association held here on April 18.

Stressing that the young Naga family needs to know itself, Kuotsu said that “Instead of dealing with our own mistakes we are pointing out the mistakes and wrongs done by others…It is destroying the Naga struggle and weakening our identity because it is creating hate and division.”

While acknowledging that the Nagas of Nagaland, particularly Kohima and Dimapur, have benefitted the most from the sacrifices made by all Nagas, she noted the difficulties faced by Nagas in Myanmar, expressing the realization that “we need to care and give our best to one another, so that we may build together a just and fair society for everyone.”

Kuotsu also spoke on the role that Naga women can and should play. “In our Naga society women are expected only to be seen and to serve by doing all the things that need to be done, but not heard. We are expected not to think. But we can thank God Naga women have quietly thought and served,” she observed. While it is not wrong to be humble and to serve, Kuotsu maintained, “in the new challenges our society is now facing Naga women must boldly come out with their thinking, concerns and wisdom to play their role which they alone can play because they are realistic and practical always. Their men must understand the new dangers our society faces and how much men and women must think and act together to succeed for the sake of our children.”

Significantly, Kuotsu pointed out that “the most important area of our society where our future will be decided is the Naga family.” It is in a family, she said, that our society is shaped. “It is the most difficult place to do the right things because the right things seem to be very small and unimportant.” And it is in this space, said Kuotsu, that her family understood the importance of “simple honesty between us on the small things that can destroy our relationship which will destroy hope in our children.” This involves “learning together how we are to help one another to carry responsibility in raising our family by listening to one another honestly.”


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