ACAUT warns HoDs on salary deductions

ACAUT Nagaland has, in a letter to all Heads of Departments (HoDs) in Nagaland said the “long practice” of the government departments in Nagaland in deducting salaries of its employees “ for the so-called welfare of Naga Political Groups” was “illegal, arbitrary, and an open practice of corruption” that was in total violation of government service rules.

ACAUT in a joint statement issued by its chairperson L.Supong Ao and secretary Solomon L.Awomi, reminded that no HoDs or even departmental Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) “are authorised to deduct the salary of its employees for payment to any individuals or organisations”.
Further it also pointed out to the “standing government order” to such effect , that those department officials “carrying out such illegal activities” was a “ a serious offence and criminal charges are liable to be framed against such officials.”

ACAUT Nagaland asserted that the state government was a different entity and the Naga political movement, a separate issue and therefore, “the erring HODs and DDOs” should be held “fully responsible for such extra-constitutional acts and prosecuted”. 
It said when the cry was for reconciliation and peace, the government departments were “directly encouraging factionalism in the movement by doling out money to all factions, through illegal means” and so deemed such actions as “anti-Naga”.

ACAUT Nagaland disclosed that it “is taking up this issue” on behalf of the affected government servants and urged upon the government servants to report “unauthorised deduction of salaries” to its office or call Public Grievances Cell -8974761098, 8974956854, 9856915353 or 9612169539. -NPN

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