‘GOI should resolve the Indo-Naga issue’

DIMAPUR, MAY 19 (MExN): The Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) Nagaland has urged the Government of India to “solve” the Naga Political Issue “at the earliest.” A press note from ACAUT stated that the “Naga people are eagerly awaiting the PM-in-waiting, Narendra Modi to seriously look into the issue taking into consideration the continuous strife affecting peace and prosperity of the Naga people.”

It said that “67 years of conflict and militarization affecting millions of people in a democratic India is an aberration which should strike the conscience of any government.” It asserted that the Naga people expect the new government to sincerely pursue the unresolved Indo-Naga problem.

ACAUT Nagaland expressed disappointment that the GOI, “under previous dispensation,” instead of addressing the core issues, “seemed to be content putting more division in Naga society.” Declaring that the ACAUT movement is not against the Naga Movement, it affirmed that “at the heart of the One Government One Tax campaign is the understanding that the Naga Aspiration for Sovereignty is a must and the onus is on the various NPGs to come together under a single umbrella.”

It stated that the GOI should understand that One Government One Tax is an “assertion that the Naga movement is legitimate and true; and any divide and rule policy at this juncture is unacceptable to the Naga people.”

It urged the Naga Political Groups to understand that factionalism in the movement is “giving more excuses to the GOI not to resolve the Naga issue.” It cautioned Government agencies such as RAW and the Intelligence Bureau not to “aggravate the polarizing situation in the state.


Where do we Nagas stand today

Lumtsase C Sangtam, Japfu Christian College, Kigwema, Kohima

Nagaland as land of festivals was once united and strong. There was less tribalism and less fighting amongst us. We were united to face any problem that arises within and without our land and we were so strong and united that our unity was much stronger than that of the “great wall of China”.

Our forefathers made unconditional sacrifices for our land and our NAGA freedom fighters shed precious blood. We NAGAS have gone through numerous pain and sufferings when our villages was burned to ashes. Still during this painful stage we as a NAGAS were united and strong. But where does our NAGA unity stand today?

During those hurting years, every individual was willing to help one another because the individuals and the leaders too were truthful in every aspect fighting for a common cause. NAGAS who were employed in government sector too rendered their help for our land and do their best to mould our people by bringing different ideas and methods.

From the top leaders to the farmers, only one goal and belief i.e. “FREE NAGALAND” existed. At present many may have faith in the system and the history but not in individuals and present leaders.

Today where do we NAGAS stand? Was it the blood our forefathers shed in vain or is it that the feeling to stand for our rights is dying?

In the early phase of the NAGA struggle, we were real NAGAS because we were united and strong but today whom shall we blame? Is this the policy of “Divide and rule?” or the evil mindedness within us which instigates us to fight among ourselves or is this the illusion to bring greater surprise?

I wonder many a times and cry many a times by thinking about the sacrifice that our forefathers had made by giving their life and believing that upcoming generation will fulfil their dream. But today, we NAGAS are not yet ready.

And will it not be embarrassing to meet our forefathers after our death when they ask us this question; “Are the people in our land studying about how we struggle for freedom?” and we with a shameful face answer, “We are still not united”.

It is very hard to view our position today. Therefore it is high time for us to let GOD be first in every field and to stand for truth as one paving a good way for our younger generation.


By: Apem Hongvah


Before I write about the night life in Nagaland particularly in the commercial hub, Dimapur let me dwell a bit about the history and evolution of nightclub. A nightclub (also known as a discotheque, or simply a club or disco) is an entertainment venue which usually operates late night. It is generally distinguished from bars, pubs, taverns by the inclusion of a dance floor and a Dj booth where DJ plays recorded music. From about 1900 to 1920, working class Americans would gather at honky tonks or juke joints to dance to music played on a piano a jukebox. Webster hall is credited as the first modern nightclub.

During US prohibition, nightclubs went underground as illegal speakeasy bars with rumors circulation of police bribery. With the repeal of prohibition in February 1993 nightclubs were revived and the rest is history .Nightclub entry criteria may vary from club to club. Many nightclubs choose who can enter on the basis other than just age, e.g. dress code and guest list. This is used to make their status as a nightclub more “exclusive “quiteoften, there are no clear policies governing entry into nightclub thereby allowing doormen/bouncer to deny entry to anybody at their discretion. I for one had partied in different metropolitan cities in India and had also organized events in different parts in Indiaparticularly in the capital city Delhi and in NCR region like Gurgaon and Noida. Most of the party goers in cities are working people and of course the universities students. Cent percent of the party goers would hit the club either in the weekend or during their week off just so to relief themselves from their stressfully weeklong workload. There is no denying the fact there always are people who hit with club to gratify their sexual pleasure (depending upon the situation based on consensual).

The existence of club in the so called commercial hub in Dimapur had a different story to tell altogether .I had visited almost all the club in Dimapur which I am not proud of. Whilst I was in Delhi I heard a lot about the nightlife in Dimapur from many friends and I was actually fascinated by such stories which in reality turn out to be otherwise .Unlike the clubs in metropolitan cities there is no such thing called ‘AGE LIMIT’ in Dimapur night club. Most of the party goers are underage (you will also get to see lots of married woman and married man which I don’t object so long as they came and spend their own money) but the problem kicks in when a married man would try to hit a young girl (mostly wearing a skimpy dress) who would of actually been his daughter age. Since the club owner doesn’t check the identity card to confirm about the biological age cent percent of the clubbers are underage with no income or less income (most of them depends on their parents for their pocket money) what is more ironical is the presence of hordes of miya’s , marwaris, Indians (no pun intended- allow me to be a a bit selfish in this) .

I get to see lots of North eastern girl hanging out with the main land Indians, Nigerians, hippies, Russians in metropolitan cities and who am I to raise objection in such matter so long as they are hanging out with mutual consent .However, I never could imagine in my wildest dream that such trend would happen in my own land where I was born and raised. However to my dismay I get to see lots of young Naga girl hovering around with the miya’s or for that matter outsiders.one of the reason why our Naga girl hang around with them could be because they find it more secure with them plus they might as well be paying them (it’s just a speculation tough).

Another drawbacks of nightclub in Dimapur is it doesn’t have any time limit.so long as the party goers continue to shell out their money and buy drinks the club will remain open until morning and thus it gives an opportunity to people who came with ulterior motives to finished their unfinished business taking maximum advantages of those drunk and happy going kids who party like there is no tomorrow and doesn’t mind sharing their bed when given a ride or offer some assistance. I had been told that some young Naga girls had been chased out from their parents because they would sneak out at wee hours almost like every day to hit the club and would return home in the morning (some end up sleeping at their friends place /hotels). The parents couldn’t condone such behaviors which eventually force them to take suck extreme steps in a bid to either keep them at bay or just so to let their child learned a lesson. Such girls would end up living at their friends place or they would group themselves and stay at a lodge or lives in a rented apartment with no income to support which eventually force them to give paid services even. How cheap have we become? As opposed to club in metro cities most of the club goers in Nagaland goes to club like thrice or even more in a week if my source is correct. So you can imagine how do they manage to get the money in the club when most of them are underage with no income or with very less income (I know there are many children from a well to do family as well) keeping in mind the exorbitant rate charge by the club in any alcoholic beverages (in a tax free -so called dry state, underground might as well have their own share ).

There are hordes of hooligans in the club as well. Most Guys would end up flexing their muscles by hitting each other. They would drink like there is no tomorrow and the more they drink the more boosts full they are likely to become which eventually leads to individual fights or group fights. Fighting’s in the club is common phenomenon everywhere but at least in other parts of the world they maintain some level of decency. Group fights can even results in the loss of a life. Most of the Dimapur club doesn’t have a proper lift system and walk over. Any drunken person could of easily fall and hit the ground (I am just saying). Looking at the way things are changing around the world we too want to become one yet the way we behave and act is just so pathetic (pathetic is the word I would want to use).

My whole point being the existence of club is doing more harm than good. I for one wouldn’t recommend having a club in Nagaland at the moment because it still is not at a par with the rest of the world in terms of maintaining a standard and the way we behave .Let us be civil first even if at all there has to be a club in Nagaland (depending on the consensus of the people).while appreciating the Announcement of banning of nightclub in Dimapur by the NSCN (IM) ,it is also requested to enforce in letter and in spirit less it becomes a mockery .In this venture the involvement of civil societies, students activist ,youth leaders is much needed .A holistic approach to address the problem is the need of the hour. It needs a concerted effort from all and sundry. Am certain that the club owner (I don’t have any personal grudges) might try to offer something to let things run as it is. But for posterity sake it will be best to ignore when such offer comes in their table. If the NSCN leaders can manage to do that and if the civil societies can co-operate by not only raising their voice but give their time and energy by educating the masses we can say that we are cleaning up the mess for real .


The shady haunts of Dimapur (Hot-beds & Dens of Sins of Dimapur)

By: Jonah Achumi, Dimapur.: 23 May. 2014 2:59 AM IST

The commercial capital of our state Dimapur, a cosmopolitan mixed bag of everything under the sky has its own share of good, bad and the ugly. While lauding the NSCN(IM)’s drive against the night clubs and discotheques, it is pertinent to think if this ban will really go the distance, be fruitful and materialize. Or will it be just like another periodical ban and routine restriction which would slowly fade itself away just with the passage of time. It is quite appreciable that the organization had come up to ban those clubs, bars and lounges that are promoting immorality and selling alcohol openly under the very nose of the administration and the Church while they choose to turn a blind eye.

This is not the first time the organization has come up with the decision to ban the night clubs and brothels. Whatever happened to their previous dictates and orders should also be analyzed properly by themselves because after the ban has been implemented, with time things go back to its old self again. No matter what, at-least someone has come up to fight the menace of unknown foreign culture destroying the moral fabric of the young generation. Many underage minors can be seen infesting these bars and nightclubs wearing skimpy dresses, heavy make-ups and ending in anyone’s bed they would have their last dance with.

These lounges, bars and pubs have become the “Water-Holes” of both thirsty human predators and victims alike of every types coming to quench their fleshly thirst with ,plenty of alcohol flowing all night long ,free casual sex, playing out loud music, fights under drunken stupor that has become a complete menace to the sobriety ofthe society. If any right thinking person thinks this is just not right then it is high time we do something about it. A pastor of my church in a Sunday devotional service once while preaching said many young girls can be seen half naked late night if one happens to cross by the particular place situated between the railway station and the Town Hall which the congregation burst into laughter. I myself had been a witness to these sights when I go to the railway station sometimes late at night to pick or drop my relatives.

Most often these places are hounded by nearly 50-60 vehicles almost every nights and on weekends the numbers are more,young girls in the worst vulgar form of dressings swarming the nearby streets with not-so-decent compromising positions near these water-holes .It is ironic that most of these happening and the popularly teeming places happen to be situated just between the two of the most powerful district heads, the SP’s office and the DC’s residence. Many intellectuals and today’s youths may refer this kind of step as some sort of curbing one’s freedom or a Talibanisation yet, should our moral values be thrown away for the sake of some assorted foreign culture insignificant to us and destroying us physically, spiritually and morally?

Should our land that has promised to send 10000 missionaries just stand and stare with all this sleazy and hedonistic activities? Just because of some young teenagers and young wannabes momentary and self-gratifying pleasure, should our moral hallmark of decency be thrown away to the dogs? The ban imposed by the organization must be implemented both in letter and in spirit so that the people’s trust and conviction in them will not be withered fully as much has already has been from the taxation issue. Atleast an act of concern for the Society’s morality is now thrown on the deck by the organisation.

It will be a harsh revelation but our National Workers must also know that many of these bars, lounges and discotheques are being run by the sons and daughters of their higher-ups, relatives kith and kin and by the ones who have strong connections with them or the over-ground powerful and those ‘Untouchables’.

The Naga Women Hoho Dimapur has lauded the NSCN(IM)’S but the NWHD should infact also fight tooth-and-nail against the Disco Culture and not just laud. I know a thousand critics will be ready to crucify me after reading this but I do support the organisation’s ban if it can be really implemented and work it out genuinely. Any concerned parent or a citizen will. Who will want their children and younger ones to be gulped, swallowed and digested in the belly of modernization and westernization and lose one’s soul and body in the strong undercurrent and whirlpool of strange acquired foreign culture and self-indulgent of multiplying misdemeanour?

How can such a free flow of alcohol in our so called “Dry State” is not the only question here but what really is happening with it? Infact the flow of alcohol has been more than the waters in the rivers of our Naga Heartland ever since the NLTP Act was implemented. Also how the administration allows these outlets to sell alcohol freely is a thingof wonder and amazement. From time to time, routine raids are conducted at these outlets yet after confiscating the goods and imposing a fine by the administration, Excise deptt. ,local heads or our National Workers , the business runs again as usual like nothing has happened after sometime.

There are several pubs and bars which are located in the heart of the town itself and anyone can be sure that all these bodies mentioned notices it but for whatever reason we all chose to let it be and remain passive is a big question. The once in a while arrests and catchments are so popularly printed and showcased in the media with all the consignments and the accused but alas, all this are very short-term and short-lived. These bars, lounges and pubs have become the “Hot-beds of Sin” of our youngsters. Every locality’s GB and council can play an active part.

The administration and the Mothers Associations should also censure the land-lords or the house-owners of whichever buildings they let-out for these sleazy restaurants and bars. A young intellectual brother who shared his opinion and was ruing about the ban wrote this on facebook which I am sharing with his permission.

Though it wasn’t the first order passed by the GPRN Govt. in this regard, the recent Banning order of the mentioned night clubs/brothels etc that was flashed out in the medias by the NSCN IM some days back gave a sign of relief as the order as it appeared seems like hard one ‘’Decision taken by the Higher Authority’’, I thought this time they will seriously take up some effective/remedial measures but just like the by-gone orders even this have become a mere press release.

It is so confusing to experience how a well established organisation/Govt. after taking a decision/resolution could not implement its own order/resolution. By doing so one is making mockery out of itself. Our mentality/civic sense haven’t reached that stage where we can have such night clubs/pubs. As of now our sense is so low that most of us go to those places with evil intentions. Every night one can experience what not beyond expectations.

To be honest even myself i’m not complete clean in this regard as sometimes i used to go and hang out there some ofthe weekends to relief/relax myself after the week days works/burdens but till date i haven’t seen any advantage(s) why those places should exist…

It so happened, Last year in the later part of November when students were appearing/busy preparing for their final examinations, those clubs were partying in full swing/blast, so, one of my friend who happened to be from that area called up the OC East Police Station (since he could no longer tolerate) more than 10 times and requested him to take up some measures atleast during the period of examinations but even the Officer could not do anything, he (officer) would say, yes yes you’re right, we’ll do something, blah blah blah but did nothing, jsut went into deaf ear.

I really don’t understand why even the administration/authority are silent over this issue, on the other hand even those Apex Organisations like from Mothers/Students/Hohos who can really spearhead the movement are so very silent…!!!

How i wish our mothers lead by the Mothers Hoho could go and visit those places and watch with their naked eyes what’s going on and then get into this issue and deal with it with IRON FIST… But sigh, this will just remain a layman’s dream forever.

They say, ‘as long as there’s life there’s HOPE’ so, what can a simple layman like me can do except than keep hoping till the end…

In this age of HIV/AIDS, if we remain mute and blind to all these, what is the use if we conduct sermons within the four walls of the church only? What is it if all our children are losing their body and soul in this sea of immorality? What is the use of these bans if it is on papers only? Where is the hope if all the people leaders, organisations go on like nothing is wrong all? It will have a long-term effect the owners and runners of these bars and lounges are published in the local dailies together with the name of the outlets they own and the action or the amount of fine imposed.

Though the ban is praiseworthy will it be genuine, sure and successful or is just another round-the-clock dictate is what’s on everybody’s mind. One young friend who works outside in the mainland was expressing his shock when he happened to visit one of these bars and when he went to the toilet he saw many undergarments and condoms on the floor of one of the toilet seat. The govt. run hotels and the resorts own by our rich and powerful ones are no exception. Alcohol is openly served and sold in all these places too.

As a concerned citizen, I have every right to be concerned about the number of youths being swayed into the vortex and tide of these night clubs, bars and brothels. If the ban is for real, let it be real lest it turns out to be a mockery. A couple of years back, every evening while returning home after attending the Billy Graham’s 100 years international crusade which was held for three days where his grandson was the speaker, the number of older people was very high and the youths were much less but while crossing the bars and pubs in the Church road, I was saddened and shocked by the numbers of cars and youths who were attending the parties in these places as the cars parked there nearly ran half a quarter of a kilometer on both side ofthe roads. I thought to myself ‘If this the Nagaland for Christ’ we had professed.Something, Somewhere, Surely is wrong in our land.

Dr.Thohe Pou figures in Delhi CBSE’s Book

‘Learning to appreciate others’ an article written by Dr.Thohe Pou has been included in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi class VII teacher manual book entitled “LIFE SKILLS” which will soon be available for all teachers and students under CBSE.

This book is about learning new skills about life – critical thinking, managing stress, self awareness, creative thinking, decision making, empathy and problem solving and more. 

CBSE: screenshot

CBSE: screenshot

Dr.Thohe Pou from Koide village, Senapati Dist.Manipur was an Assistant Professor of Geography in National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune.
His area of interest includes Social problem and justice, Human Rights violation in NE India, North East Political and social issues etc.

He has published more than 100 of articles in electronic media and local dailies in Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram.

Currently he is writing a book on ‘For a Better Living’ which will be published soon.

Article link:

Life Skill book link:


Source: The Herald Today, Senapati

Poumai Naga Festival write-ups copied and pasted in the book: Encyclopedia of Manipur

Some people do research and some people copy and paste in their Book/Thesis and publish 

First person: Last month I have found copy and paste work done by a PhD scholar (Naga) who has directly copied and pasted from my article “The Myths of Naga Origin” to his Thesis book and submitted to the University and awarded Doctorate of Philosophy. (It is okay as he has not published his Thesis. However, he may need to edit and ‘quote’ if he wants to publish his Thesis)

Second person: And this time , it is found that Poumai Naga festival written by me (Thohe Pou) is published in the book: “Encyclopaedia of Manipur”, author by Dr. Khomdam Singh Lisam. He has directly copied and pasted in his book: Encyclopaedia of Manipur (In 3 Vols, Page 400-401), published in 2011. He has not given any citation or quote given in his book except the acknowledgment given as Reference Book used for his research work.

Some of the interesting screen shot pictures are here:


Poumai Naga Festival original manuscripts

Poumai Naga Festival original manuscripts

Encyclopaedia of Manipur

Encyclopaedia of Manipur

Copied and Pasted in the book: Encyclopaedia of Manipur

Copied and Pasted in the book: Encyclopaedia of Manipur

Copied and pasted in the book: encyclopaedia of Manipur

Copied and pasted in the book: encyclopaedia of Manipur


7 family members buried alive in landslide in Assam

PTI | May 10, 2014 GUWAHATI: Seven members of a family, were buried alive in a landslide in south Assam’s Karimganj district, official sources said on Saturday.

Due to heavy rains, mud slided down a hill and fell on a temporary house killing the seven persons at Satgarakul village last night, district deputy commissioner Sanjiv Gohain Boruah told PTI.

The victims were identified as Lubeuddin Ali (35), his wife, three daughters and two sons, Boruah said.

The village is about 30 km away from Karimganj, the district headquarter town.