‘GOI should resolve the Indo-Naga issue’

DIMAPUR, MAY 19 (MExN): The Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) Nagaland has urged the Government of India to “solve” the Naga Political Issue “at the earliest.” A press note from ACAUT stated that the “Naga people are eagerly awaiting the PM-in-waiting, Narendra Modi to seriously look into the issue taking into consideration the continuous strife affecting peace and prosperity of the Naga people.”

It said that “67 years of conflict and militarization affecting millions of people in a democratic India is an aberration which should strike the conscience of any government.” It asserted that the Naga people expect the new government to sincerely pursue the unresolved Indo-Naga problem.

ACAUT Nagaland expressed disappointment that the GOI, “under previous dispensation,” instead of addressing the core issues, “seemed to be content putting more division in Naga society.” Declaring that the ACAUT movement is not against the Naga Movement, it affirmed that “at the heart of the One Government One Tax campaign is the understanding that the Naga Aspiration for Sovereignty is a must and the onus is on the various NPGs to come together under a single umbrella.”

It stated that the GOI should understand that One Government One Tax is an “assertion that the Naga movement is legitimate and true; and any divide and rule policy at this juncture is unacceptable to the Naga people.”

It urged the Naga Political Groups to understand that factionalism in the movement is “giving more excuses to the GOI not to resolve the Naga issue.” It cautioned Government agencies such as RAW and the Intelligence Bureau not to “aggravate the polarizing situation in the state.


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